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In France, The Minitel Lives On!

In the mid-1990's, 14 million homes in France had a government-sponsored microcomputer called The Minitel. The Minitel left much to be desired in terms of technological capabilities, as the system offered a black-and-white screen with slow ... connection speeds. The system was eventually replaced in favor of the forthcoming Internet. A French Internet service provider, Neuf Cegetel, has taken their inspiration from the Minitel and developed a brand-new computer based on a similar low-cost model. The new computer will be aimed directly at those who are unwilling or unable to purchase a high-end ... (view more)

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Vista Migration Tools Released by Microsoft

In an attempt to help businesses adapt to Windows Vista, Microsoft has released free tools that will help companies migrate to the new operating system, including software that will allow older versions of Windows to run alongside Vista in a virtual ... environment. Microsoft is hoping the tools will make moving to Vista less painless for business customers, particularly those who depend on older versions of Windows. During a meeting with financial analysts, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called analysts sales estimates for Vista "overly aggressive" and tried to downplay expectations for OS sales. ... (view more)

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Windows Vista: Roadmap and Purchase Guide

Confused about which flavor of Windows Vista is right for you? What about all those upgrade options and Vista add-ons? Hopefully, this brief guide will help you wade through the confusion. Windows Vista: A Brief Introduction If you haven't already ... heard the buzz, Microsoft will release Windows Vista, it's newest (long awaited) operating system (OS) on January 30, 2007 to consumers. In a nutshell, Windows Vista boasts a polished graphics display, improved security features, and a slew of extras that make day-to-day life easier. Depending on which version you purchase, Windows Vista retails ... (view more)

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Microsoft and HP Form $300M Partnership

Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard (HP) announced last Wednesday that the two companies will be joining in a $300 million, three year partnership. The aim of the "People-Ready Business" duo is to attract more large business customers. (Source: ... ) With HP making the most personal computers and Microsoft holding the title of the world's largest software maker, the partnership offers mutual potential to each party. In a statement released last Wednesday, Microsoft called HP "the most comprehensive partner we have," a great accomplishment since the software giant has over 640,000 partners ... (view more)

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AT&T Hacked

Just yesterday, we reported on the recent judicial attack on pirates and hackers in the technology world. For those profiting off of the industry's power-players by ripping off their software, there is, evidently a price to pay. Ditto for those ... breaking into secure computers. Still, the recent crackdown is not deterring the world's hackers, as major communications provider AT ... (view more)


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