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Just yesterday, we reported on the recent judicial attack on pirates and hackers in the technology world. For those profiting off of the industry's power-players by ripping off their software, there is, evidently a price to pay. Ditto for those breaking into secure computers. Still, the recent crackdown is not deterring the world's hackers, as major communications provider AT&T has recently been hit by a cyber attack that revealed the confidential details of 19,000 customer accounts.

The leaked information is hardly of the innocent nature, in fact. The list of exposed data includes a host of vital details, the most concerning being credit card numbers. Those affected are customers who have at one time used AT&T's online store.

The company has launched itself into apology-mode, offering heartfelt sorries to all of its customers. "We deeply regret this incident," announced an AT&T representative, who also added that "We will work closely with law enforcement to bring these data thieves to account."

AT&T's online store has been shut down as a result of the crime. The store was taken offline just hours after the offence took place.

AT&T reports that it has been in close contact with credit card companies, and is using all of its telecommunications might to track down the affected customers. (Source:

As part of their apology, it looks like AT&T will cover any affected costs to customers with leaked information. In addition, the company will be paying for future credit monitoring services for those same clients. (Source:

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