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Dead Grandparents Overcome AI Content Filters

A supposed scam in which ChatGPT can provide working Windows 10 and 11 product keys is not quite what it seems. Most of the keys it provides will only give limited access to the system. Some reports have implied that ChatGPT is using artificial ... intelligence to figure out a working product key, perhaps in the manner of a safe cracker or somebody working out a user's online password. In reality, the "discovery" was made by a user playing around with ways to defeat ChatGPT's content filters. In most cases somebody asking ChatGPT to provide information that could be used for shady or downright ... (view more)

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Lawyer Cites Fake Cases After ChatGPT 'Research'

A US lawyer is facing disciplinary sanctions after relying on ChatGPT for legal "research." It led to his side presenting a legal argument that referred to several non-existent cases. Steven A Schwartz was providing support for the legal team of a ... man suing in a personal injury case. His side wanted to provide evidence of similar cases that had set a precedent, with this evidence helping support their argument that their case was strong enough to proceed. (Source: ) The opposing legal team questioned the argument saying they were unable to find the cases in question. That led to ... (view more)

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Google to Bring AI to its Search Engine

Google says it is set to integrate new conversational AI features into its search engine. The move comes as advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology could enhance the capabilities of Google's search engine significantly. Google CEO Sundar ... Pichai has confirmed that users would be able to ask questions to Google and engage with large language models (LLMs) in the context of search. (Source: ) Bringing AI chat to Google Search would make the technology accessible to a wider audience, taking it from the realm of experimental project to everyday tool used to find information. ... (view more)

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Gloss Wears Off ChatGPT and AI Rivals

Microsoft and Google have both put plenty of effort into artificial intelligence in recent months. After an initial wow factor, they've been plagued with a host of problems. Interest in AI-text shot up with the public release of ChatGPT, a tool that ... can not only simulate conversations with the user and answer questions, but also write articles and other text in a variety of styles. While it appears extremely clever, it's effectively an extremely souped-up version of the auto-predict feature many phones offer when sending text messages. ChatGPT is produced by an independent developer called ... (view more)

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