Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 Review

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Synopsis: Need to optimize your computer in a jiffy? Try Intelli HyperSpeed 2005! With only 2 simple mouse clicks, Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 thoroughly scans your system for performance bottlenecks and then adjusts settings based on your optimization preference. With 4 custom levels of optimization, advanced CPU and memory handling, network and Internet fine-tuning, and hundreds upon hundreds of specialized tweaks -- Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 is everything you need to maximize your PC, all rolled up into one neat little package!

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005: Why Tweaking is Necessary

Windows comes pre-packaged with standard "optimization" settings, and does not take into account the need of individual computer users. Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 breaks this mold by implementing hundreds of well-established tweaks and fixes -- all where you need it the most.

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005: How it Works

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 is a unique System Optimizer that uses several proprietary technologies to improve and boost computer performance. The optimization process can be broken down into 4 simple steps:

  1. Launch Intelli HyperSpeed 2005.
  2. Choose the optimization scenario that best matches your computer's configuration.
  3. Click the Optimize! button.
  4. When the optimizing has finished, restart your computer.

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005: Features Drilldown

  • 4 levels of optimization to choose from
  • Advanced memory and CPU handling
  • Implements hundreds of well-established tweaks
  • Streamline NT services in accordance with your optimization preferences
  • Clean autorun programs and prefetch (Windows XP only)
  • Assesses and repairs improper tweaks (damage caused by other programs)
  • Safely undo all optimization changes if needed

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005: Download

Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 is free to try and $24.95 $17.50 to buy.

Download Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 | Buy

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