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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 9 Review

Update: Save up to 60%. Offer ends on January 14th. Proceeds support our website and staff of writers. You can click here to go straight to the offer . Otherwise, continue reading below. With every new edition of Microsoft Windows comes new tweaks, ... new menus, and oftentimes no one seems to know where the old features went, which makes optimizing the operating system for a particular PC very difficult. Let's take Windows 7, for example. It's vastly different than Windows XP and offers new visualization features and background tasks (services) that literally rob a PC of its processing power, ... (view more)

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SpeedUpMyPC 2011 Review

Update 2012/01/16: : The 37% discount expires this coming Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 @ 11:59PM EST. Reserve your copy before the deadline and you'll also receive System Tweaker software as a free bonus! Satisfaction guaranteed for 30 days or your ... money back. Details at the end of the review. Are you looking to speed up your computer, but are on a tight budget? Do you enjoy learning about computer hardware and how it interacts with software? If so, you'll find this software review highly informative. -- I get asked all the time, "Dennis, what can I do to make my PC faster?" The simple answer ... (view more)

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PC Pitstop Optimize Review

In Computer Science -- more specifically, in the creation of software programs -- there are efficient ways of achieving a result, and there are not-so-efficient ways of doing the same thing. In fact, many refer to Microsoft Windows as bloatware: ... software that "is so overloaded with functionality that its performance suffers." (Source: techweb.com ) Unfortunately, Microsoft isn't the only one to blame. In the race for profit, many software developers are guilty of adding useless and abundant features to their programs for nothing more than a marketing tactic. (Source: wikipedia.org ... (view more)

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Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 Review

Synopsis: Need to optimize your computer in a jiffy? Try Intelli HyperSpeed 2005! With only 2 simple mouse clicks, Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 thoroughly scans your system for performance bottlenecks and then adjusts settings based on your optimization ... preference. With 4 custom levels of optimization, advanced CPU and memory handling, network and Internet fine-tuning, and hundreds upon hundreds of specialized tweaks -- Intelli HyperSpeed 2005 is everything you need to maximize your PC, all rolled up into one neat little package! Intelli HyperSpeed 2005: Why Tweaking is Necessary Windows comes pre ... (view more)

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WinOptimizer Platinum Suite

Most programs I review only do one or two specialized things, and they're usually pretty good at what they do. However, today I came across a multi-purpose optimization utility program that impressed the pants off me. The utility I'm referring to is ... called WinOptimizer Platinum Suite, and it contains an incredible package of cleanup tools designed to keep Windows lean, mean, and running smoothly. WinOptimizer Platinum Suite: a New Successor Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum Suite is the new successor to the already hugely popular Ashampoo WinOptimizer Suite. With an all-new interface and many ... (view more)

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