Infopackets RSS [Rich Site Syndication]: Online!

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Great news!

After 1 year in the making (and many changes to our web site), I'm pleased to announce that the implementation of RSS is ... drum roll please ... finally online!

If you've been reading our newsletter for some time, then I'm sure you're already aware that all the articles published through this web site have a similar "theme" -- namely: Microsoft Windows, computing, and the like. In terms of RSS [Rich Site Syndicate] technology, related articles are grouped together to form a "Channel".

For example: The Software Spotlight Section, Bob's Freeware Picks (also known as "Shell Extension City"), and all the in-depth feature articles I've written (also known as "The Infopackets Gazette") are Categories which make up our MS Windows Channel.

Later, I will be introducing new Categories for our Windows Channel, as well as new Channels that do not otherwise fit into the realm of "Windows". I will also separate Channel content onto distinct RSS pages, where RSS users will be able to subscribe to Channels individually.

For now, all of our RSS Channels are accessible on one page -- similar to how our index page is currently laid out. The link to access the RSS syndication is:

Note: Clicking on the above link in your web browser will most likely display strange code. This is normal, because the majority of web browsers cannot view RSS information properly -- yet (hint: that's why you need an RSS news reader to view the headlines). I will be writing an in-depth review on how to use an RSS reader shortly; those of you who are using RSS can jump on the link now.

As I have previously stated: the fact that our web site is embracing RSS technology does not mean that I will stop sending out the newsletter via email. RSS is simply a way to complement our web site, and you can choose to use it (or not). The major difference between email and RSS technology is that using an RSS Reader will make your life easier when more content is published online our web site. This is because RSS Readers can keep track of everything you read -- plus, an RSS Reader can check for news updates regularly (and automatically). For more information about RSS, please refer to the article below:

What is RSS and how will it affect Infopackets?

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