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Windows 11 Kills The Blue Screen Of Death

Windows 11 will soon be available for testing in a less-risky manner. Meanwhile, Microsoft has unveiled some more changes, including an end - of sorts - to the "Blue Screen of Death". Microsoft has confirmed the system will be available to people in ... the Windows Insider Program in its Beta testing channel as of July 29. It is officially the first time something resembling the finished Windows 11 is available in a complete and fully usable manner. Up until then, Windows 11 has only available in the Dev channel, meaning some features and actions may be unavailable. Microsoft also stresses that ... (view more)

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'XnSketch 1.14', and 'The Weather Channel 4.2.4'

XnSketch 1.14 Get creative with your favorite photographs using XnSketch. This unique tool allows creative users to turn their photos into cartoon or sketch images. Users can access eighteen different effects, including strokes, pastel, pencil ... sketch, and colored sketch. The Weather Channel 4.2.4 Get weather updates instantly on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet computer, or television with The Weather Channel app. This app displays current weather conditions, 5 to 14-day forecasts and trends, and provides users with severe weather alerts. http://www.theweathernetwork. ... (view more)

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March Madness Comes To Microsoft's Media Center

Microsoft is attempting to boost use of its Media Center tools by offering a sports channel. The programming kicks off with extensive coverage of college basketball's March Madness. The new channel, which goes live this week, will include footage ... from Fox, MSNBC and CBS. There will be no subscription charge or other costs. The footage is only available in the Vista edition and is not compatible with the Windows 7 Beta. (Source: ) To launch the channel, Microsoft will be showing replays of those games in the final stages of the NCAA basketball tournament. The event, known as March ... (view more)

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Infopackets RSS [Rich Site Syndication]: Online!

Great news! After 1 year in the making (and many changes to our web site), I'm pleased to announce that the implementation of RSS is ... drum roll please ... finally online! If you've been reading our newsletter for some time, then I'm sure you're ... already aware that all the articles published through this web site have a similar "theme" -- namely: Microsoft Windows, computing, and the like. In terms of RSS [Rich Site Syndicate] technology, related articles are grouped together to form a "Channel". For example: The Software Spotlight Section, Bob's Freeware Picks (also ... (view more)

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