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Synopsis: Do you remember the arcade classic, "Arkanoid", where the object of the game is to get to the next stage by eliminating 'bricks' on the screen using your paddle? Well, if you've never seen Arkanoid before, then it's tough to know what I'm talking about; nonetheless, Acky's XP Breakout is just as addictive, just as exciting, and just as fun as Arkanoid -- but only *way* better. If "seeing is believing", make sure you click to read this review! NOTE: This page is best viewed using Internet Explorer 6 (there is a movie box to the left of this text, so that you can see the gameplay). If it there is no movie, reload this page using IE6!

Acky's XP Breakout: Screenshots

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Acky's XP Breakout: The Story

You are on a space mission collecting ether from a nearby nebula to replenish your colonies fuel supplies when all of the sudden... Acky appeared in his saucer and started collecting the same ether as you! As if that wasn't enough, he started stealing your ether supplies. Your mission is to collect ether and conquer each zone of the nebula to prevent Acky from taking over.

Acky's XP Breakout: Detailed Description and Game Play

The goal is simple. Destroy all of the bricks in each level to proceed to the next level. Along the way you will receive many different power items to help you. Acky's XP Breakout is quite different than most games in the ball and paddle genre, instead of having a set number of balls, you have two resources which are needed to create a ball, and this resource is called ether. Ether comes in two colors red and blue, both of which are needed to form a ball. While playing you will see each kind of ether drop and if you catch it with your space pad your ether tanks will fill up, allowing you to create more balls.

The game also features several bonuses for doing different things. Gaining bonuses is optional but you are encouraged to do so because they are needed to unlock XP mode, a special mode where you get super powers. After you complete a level you get a bronze, silver, or gold trophy. There is also a ranking system which is based on how many trophies you have collected and how many bonuses you have obtained. While you play statistics are saved for each level which can be logged online so you can see your performance as compared to other players.

Acky's XP Breakout: Features

  • Superior game play and exact control
  • 150 powerful levels
  • Awesome particle effects
  • 80 different brick types
  • Free level expansion packs
  • 26 unique power items
  • Four difficulty settings
  • 16 bonuses
  • Built in level editor
  • Online stats tracking board
  • Trophy and ranking systems
  • Enhanced play with XP Mode
  • Special gemstone and blaster items
  • Effects and object morphing
  • Exploding, ghosting, moving, and glass bricks
  • 30 minutes of tantalizing music
  • Laser and gluon cannon power items
  • Use your keyboard, mouse, or joystick
  • 21 custom brick classes
  • Tractor beam and prediction power items
  • Complete help manual and in game tutorials
  • Ultra crisp sound effects
  • Compact install size

Acky's XP Breakout: Compatibility and Languages

Acky's XP Breakout works with Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, 2003, 95, or NT. All versions include full English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese translations.

Acky's XP Breakout: Download

Acky's XP Breakout can be downloaded immediately after purchase via the eSellerate web site, and is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee! And heck, it's very affordable at $16.95!

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