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Amazon's High-Tech, Cashier-less Grocery Store Delayed

Amazon's plans for convenience stores without checkouts or cashiers have taken a knock. Initial test show the system doesn't work properly if more than 20 or so customers use the store at once. The Amazon Go store works through a dedicated ... smartphone app and a technology similar to that used in hotel minibars. When a customer picks up an item from the shelf it will automatically be added to their virtual shopping cart (as well as their real one), though if they put it back on the shelf it will be removed. Instead of paying for the items at the check out, the customer simply walks out ... (view more)

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Computer takes Too Long to Start?

Infopackets Reader 'TNStumbler' writes: " Dear Dennis, I'm running Windows 7 Pro and my computer takes too long to start -- upwards of 85 seconds or so. I am running Malware Bytes Pro (paid version) and it has not found any malware. So, it must be ... that too many programs are being loaded during boot. Which programs can I remove from my startup? " My Response: There are plenty of utilities out there that can help you remove items from the startup. I personally prefer to use msconfig because it's already part of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It's very simple to use, though figuring ... (view more)

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4 Days Only: Amazon Black Friday Deals: up to 70% Off

Note from Dennis: further down this article you'll find a quick-and-dirty list of items of the best Black Friday deals I've found online. The list is conveniently presented in ascending order according to discount markup. Proceeds help to support ... our website, staff and writers. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated! You can go straight to the discount list by clicking here , or continue reading below. Happy Thanksgiving! -- Thanksgiving is officially upon us, which means there's going to be a ton of great deals being offered online as a result of the Holiday season -- deals like ... (view more)

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Military Finds Missing Jet Parts On eBay

You'd think stolen military gear would be sold quietly. However, it turns out anything from jet parts to body armour is available through eBay and Craigslist. The Government Accountability Office has announced the results of a unique form of covert ... ops: sending military investigators online posing as sellers. They were able to buy items not intended for public use, like night vision goggles and enhanced body armour vests. Worryingly, the haul also included army combat uniforms. Selling such clothing to non-military buyers has been illegal since January, 2007 because Iraqi insurgents were ... (view more)

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eBay Fee 'Cuts' Questioned By Some

eBay has announced cuts to its listing fees, but other changes mean customers may pay more for selling their goods. The fee cuts will come into force in the United States on 20 February and are likely to be extended overseas later. The biggest cuts ... are for items with a starting price below $25, where the fees will now be halved. Most items above $25 will now cost 20% less to list. However, the company is increasing the proportion of the sale price taken if the item sells. For items up to $25, the fee goes up from 5.25% to 8.75%. For items costing more than $25, the seller now pays 3.5% on the ... (view more)

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IRS, Congress Hound Online Gamers

It's been over seven years since I first laughed at Diablo II players posting their weapons and other items on eBay. It seemed strange to me that anyone would pay real-world money for virtual artefacts, tools that could only help a person in that ... one specific game. It takes a very devoted player to invoke his or her everyday bank account for a simulated Blade of Fury (or something of that nature). But, people bought up these items. Diablo II remained a popular application on Blizzard's multiplayer page ( for a very long time, and today retains a surprising following. However, it ... (view more)

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Using the Office Clipboard MS Excel

Microsoft Windows provides a temporary storage place called the Clipboard to store a file or copied or cut text or cells, etc. while you are rearranging things in your spreadsheet. The Office Clipboard improves on this by allowing storage of up to ... twelve items in version 2000 and up to twenty-four items in version 2003, including text, images and other elements from MS Office applications Such as Excel and PowerPoint. If you attempt to copy a 25th item, Word displays a message warning you that it will delete the oldest (the one that was copied into the Clipboard first) of the 24 items ... (view more)

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Acky's XP Breakout Review

Synopsis: Do you remember the arcade classic, "Arkanoid", where the object of the game is to get to the next stage by eliminating 'bricks' on the screen using your paddle? Well, if you've never seen Arkanoid before, then it's tough to know what I'm ... talking about; nonetheless, Acky's XP Breakout is just as addictive, just as exciting, and just as fun as Arkanoid -- but only *way* better. If "seeing is believing", make sure you click to read this review! NOTE: This page is best viewed using Internet Explorer 6 (there is a movie box to the left of this text, so that you can see the gameplay). If ... (view more)

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