Acronis True Image 2011: Q&A From Readers

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Since our recent review of Acronis True Image 2011, we've received a number of frequently asked questions from our Readers. This article will answer those questions, namely:

1. " I live outside of the USA. Can I buy Acronis True Image 2011 (ATI 2011)? "

2. " Can I download 2 copies of True Image 2011 onto 1 PC for installation on a second computer at a later time? "

3. " Can I buy a copy of Acronis True Image on CD / DVD? "

4. " Can I use 1 copy of ATI 2011 on more than one PC? "

The answers:

1. Yes. You can purchase Acronis True Image 2011 for the advertised price using USD (US Dollars) using your credit card. The conversion between USD and your local currency will be done by your credit card company. Since ATI 2011 is an electronic download, there are no shipping charges unless you choose to pay extra for the CD/DVD copy to be shipped.

2. Yes, you can download (but do not install) Acronis True Image 2011 (Full + Upgrade, for example) onto a single PC. The download of Acronis True Image 2011 comes housed in a single .EXE (executable install) file. When you launch (double-click) the .EXE install file, you will be asked for a serial / registration number during the installation, which will unlock the program. The serial / registration number will come to you by email when you purchase the program.

3. Yes, but it costs $19.99 extra. RE: #2 above: simply burn (copy) the .EXE download + registration # to a recordable CD/DVD (assuming you have one) and you'll save yourself $19.99. There is no difference between the CD/DVD for purchase and the electronic download.

4. According to the Acronis End User License Agreement (EULA): you are allowed to install only 1 copy of Acronis True Image license per computer.

The new version of Acronis 2011 checks for updates whenever the program is launched. Thus, it connects to the Acronis web server and communicates with the Acronis web server whenever you run True Image. It is therefore also possible that your registration key is checked at this time to ensure you are only using 1 copy per PC. A violation could mean that your key could be disabled, as this has been the case for other programs as a form of copy protection.

So that this does not happen, I would recommend buying two (or more) separate licenses, especially since the Upgrade + Full Version of Acronis True Image 2011 are on sale (until November 17th) through our website.

Full details regarding our discount sale -- and a full review of Acronis True Image 2011 can be found using the link below:

Acronis True Image 2011 Review

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