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Quite often, I'm asked if it's a good idea to use more than one anti-virus / anti-spyware program at the same time.

The answer to this question is both "yes" and "no."

Yes: it's a good idea to scan your PC using more than one solution -- whether it's anti-virus or anti-spyware -- as it's possible to sniff out additional, missed threats.

No: you shouldn't run more than one anti-virus or anti-spyware program at the exact same time as they would likely conflict.

So, what's the difference between these two scenarios? Allow me to break it down:

Real-Time Protection

Real-time protection scans your files the instant they are loaded into memory. This is also referred to as "on-access" scanning and happens "invisibly" at the same time you're using the computer -- whether you're surfing the web, or editing a document, for example.

The advantage to this method is that it can prevent infections before they occur. The downside is that this type of protection comes at a cost: it is activated each and every time a file is loaded into memory, which can slow your computer down to a crawl (depending on security application and the level of protection offered).

Scanning Files Manually

Scanning your entire PC (file-by-file) is referred to as a manual scan, or "on-demand". You can choose to do a manual scan whenever you want, but most folks will schedule this sort of task to run automated (say, at 4am morning) when no one is using the computer.

Unlike real-time protection, performing a scan on whim means the PC won't be bogged down each and every time a file is launched. The downside, however, is that there is no method for preventing the infection in the first place.

Introducing IOBit Security 360

IOBit Security 360 is an advanced freeware antivirus / anti-malware utility that detects, removes deep infections, and helps to protect your PC from various spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers.

IOBit Security 360 comes in two flavors: Free and Pro edition. It supports both Manual Scanning as well as Real-Time Protection in both editions, although Pro offers more features.

Full features and benefits are described further down. Keep on reading, or click the link below to try it out now:

Remove Spyware Threats - Free


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IOBit Security 360: Free and Pro Features

  • Real-time Protection in addition to Manual Scanning
  • Uses "Dual-Core" engine for heuristic malware detection
  • Detects the most complex and deepest threats
  • Frequent and automatic updating
  • Prevention of zero-day security threats

IOBit Security 360: Free and Pro Benefits

  • Free for Home/Non-commercial Use
  • Scans AND Removes Threats, Free
  • 1-click solution and easy to use
  • Very fast and efficient
  • Works with existing anti- virus/spyware programs

IOBit Security 360: Pro Benefits

All of the above features are offered in the Free and Pro editions. The Pro version also offers:

  • Free technical support
  • Further customization with scheduled, manual scanning
  • Enhanced malware detection using "DOG" (Digital Original Gene)
  • Automated scan when PC is idle
  • Scheduled scan
  • Exclusive tools
  • Consent for commercial use

Although there is no solution that offers a 100% effectiveness rate for detecting viruses and malware, IObit Security 360 helps to find the deepest and most complex threats. (Source:

IOBit Security 360: Download Free / Pro

The free and Pro version of IOBit Security 360 are the same file, and you can optionally upgrade to Pro if you like.

Use the link below to download:

Remove Spyware Threats - Free


Bonus: #1: Upgrade to Pro at 33% Off
Bonus #2: Testimonial Contest - Win $25,000

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