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More Content, Fewer Ads; Now Accepting Donations

To our Valued Readers, In our quest to improve upon and overall visitor satisfaction to our site, we've rolled out some major changes this past week and will continue to make improvements in the weeks ahead. Some of the changes we've ... rolled out this past week include: additional content: 5 more articles per week added: payment link for donations by PayPal, card, and by mail inclusion of "How To" articles to the site removal of Vibrant Media ads (blue double-underscore links / pop up ads) removal / change of Google ads added: 'Help Support Infopackets' tab at top of page ... (view more)

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Is the Windows 7 Discount Pack Compatible with XP?

Infopackets Reader 'Gene' writes: " Dear Dennis, Regarding the Windows 7 super discount (set to expire soon) -- I see that the Windows 7 bundle being offered is for 3 (three) licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium. Can you tell me, is there a similar ... discount / offer for Windows 7 Pro? The reason why I ask, is because I'm told Windows 7 Home Premium isn't as compatible with XP software. Is that true? " My response: This isn't a simple yes and no answer, so allow me to answer this in detail. First: only Windows 7 Home Premium is being offered in bulk (3 licenses, discounted), and not for any ... (view more)

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IOBit Security 360 Review

Quite often, I'm asked if it's a good idea to use more than one anti-virus / anti-spyware program at the same time. The answer to this question is both "yes" and "no." Yes: it's a good idea to scan your PC using more than one solution -- whether ... it's anti-virus or anti-spyware -- as it's possible to sniff out additional, missed threats. No: you shouldn't run more than one anti-virus or anti-spyware program at the exact same time as they would likely conflict. So, what's the difference between these two scenarios? Allow me to break it down: Real-Time Protection Real-time protection scans your ... (view more)

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Infopackets Needs Your Help!

Since November 2005, infopackets has opened its doors to volunteer authors to share their thoughts and ideas with our audience. The transition to a multi-authored web site has been both enlightening and challenging. On one side: infopackets now ... offers a variety of fresh and interesting discussions almost daily to its audience; on the other hand, acquiring and maintaining material on a regular basis has proven to be particularly difficult. Let me explain. Since our volunteer bloggers are not paid to submit articles, submissions have been (for the most part) sporadic. Further to that, my work ... (view more)

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