Windows 10 'Threshold 2' Due November

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Microsoft has unveiled a batch of new features and fixes for Windows 10. However, it's not confirmed when they will be available for the average users.

The changes revealed by Microsoft's Gabe Aul are currently only available to members of the Windows Insider Preview program with the "Fast Ring" option selected. Those are the people who have effectively chosen to act as guinea pigs by being the first to test new features in a real world situation.

If all goes well, the features and fixes will eventually make it into Microsoft's new general public update system. That's where batches of fixes come out as and when they are ready, rather than on a regular schedule. The first such batch, codenamed Threshold 2, is expected in November and is roughly the equivalent of a service pack on older versions of Windows.

Start Menu Gets Some Tweaks

Some of the changes revealed relate to the ever controversial Start menu. Users will be able to change from the default three columns of tiles to a four column setup that may work better for those who prefer larger tiles.

There will also be a partial fix to a bug that limited the menu to 512 tiles. There's still a limit, but at 2,048 tiles very few users should be affected. (Source:

Most of the updates relate to the various Microsoft applications that ship with Windows 10. Some of these fixes are already available, even without being in the Insider Preview program. To check for updates, click Start then type in "check for updates" (no quotes), then click on the link that says "Check for updates" under the PC Settings sub-menu. (Source:

Tablet Experience Improved

Other changes relate to tablet users. It will now be easier to move and 'snap' applications around the display, while changes to the text input panel and auto-complete suggestions should make it easier to type on a tablet screen.

There's also a behind-the-scenes change to the Edge browser that means it should be possible to use services such as Skype directly within the browser rather than run a separate app.

Threshold 2 (Fall Update) Now Released

Update 20151121: Windows 10 Threshold 2 (also known as the Fall Update) has now been released, though some users are reporting that the update is not showing up in Windows Update so it can be installed. Click here to read an article we wrote that explains how to download Windows 10 Threshold 2 onto all of your machines using a single DVD, USB or .ISO file without having to wait for it to appear through Windows Update.

What's Your Opinion?

What new features or bug fixes would you most like to see in Windows 10? Is Microsoft making changes quickly enough given it's no longer tied to a fixed update schedule? Are you interested in keeping track of Windows 10 changes or are you happy to let it update automatically?

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You asked for a bug I'd liked fix and that is when the microphone Hey Cortana feature is enabled, it slows the opening of Excel files when you double click an Excel file and Excel is not open already. Double click on an Excel document and Excel will take up to 20 seconds to open. Disable the feature and Excel opens in a second or two. Does the same with Serif Page Plus. Something about the way these programs utilize DDE and Cortana interfering. Oddly, Word and others do not have the issue.

This has been on the forums around Micrsoft since July and remains unaddressed. It took a number of iterations of searches before the proper subject got a hit.

I used Hey Cortana, but I double click on files more frequently. Disabled.

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Big deal!! Microsoft needs to fix the Search Bar.

Mine hasn't worked for about 3 weeks now. I've been using a program called Launchy:

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Instant start on a tablet would be good, upgraded then reverted my Toshiba U920t as the start went from 5 seconds to minutes after upgrade to Win 10.

Windows 7/8.1 still work better, Win 10 was very slow and crashed frequently in my experience both on my desktop and tablet. As an insider the preview worked well on my desktop in a virtual machine.

Reverted within days on the desktop and hours on the tablet as i was going away for work for 4 weeks, not willing to try again until i am home for break next time and can play with it, or maybe the newest preview in dual boot.

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Allow complete, personal, customization of the Start Menu. Like it was starting way back in XP, and pretty much carried through to Vista and 7. A Start Menu should be just that - a place where you start whatever you want to do within your computer. It is ridiculous to have to install a "foreign" program to get the Start Menu to work the way it should! Even if it is free. Its just one more unnecessary program taking up space when it could be built into the system to start with. They have the space set aside for the Start Menu, now lets just make it a TRUE START MENU!!!!!!