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Windows 10 'Threshold 2' Due November

Microsoft has unveiled a batch of new features and fixes for Windows 10. However, it's not confirmed when they will be available for the average users. The changes revealed by Microsoft's Gabe Aul are currently only available to members of the ... Windows Insider Preview program with the "Fast Ring" option selected. Those are the people who have effectively chosen to act as guinea pigs by being the first to test new features in a real world situation. If all goes well, the features and fixes will eventually make it into Microsoft's new general public update system. That' ... (view more)

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Microsoft Sued Over Windows 8 User Interface

Windows 8 has a totally new look and feel. But one company says it's not all that original and is suing Microsoft for copyright infringement. Portland tech firm SurfCast is suing Microsoft over its use of "live tiles" on the main display screen, the ... one that appears whenever a user starts up Windows. The tiles are the large rectangular blocks that link to various tools and applications; they're designed to make them easier to use on touchscreen devices. The tiles don't actually have a fixed image or text and they update automatically by using Internet resources. For example, a weather tile ... (view more)

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Windows 8 Start Menu to be Completely Overhauled

Microsoft says it is rethinking the way the Start Menu will work in Windows 8. It's partly a response to user behavior and partly a recognition that more people will be using touchscreen devices in the future. By default, the Start Menu appears on ... the left-hand side of the screen, either when the user clicks the Windows logo in the bottom left corner, or presses the dedicated Windows key on their keyboard. Fewer Users Use Start Menu, Says Microsoft The Start Menu menu serves several functions by listing recently used applications, commonly used applications, a complete list of all ... (view more)

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Pretty Good Mahjongg Review

Synopsis: Be prepared for hours of fun with Pretty Good Mahjongg -- the Premiere Collection of Mahjongg solitaire games! With Pretty Good Mahjongg, you can play all kinds of different puzzle and solitaire games with Mahjongg tiles. Pretty Good ... Mahjongg has 215 different tile matching game layouts, from simple and easy game play to difficult and interesting challenges! Pretty Good Mahjongg makes it easy to play with adjustable color highlighting and game play hints by clicking the right mouse button. If you liked Pretty Good Solitaire , you'll love Pretty Good Mahjongg! Pretty Good Mahjongg: ... (view more)

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