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Marching to the (Anti-DRM) Beat of Steve Jobs

On April 2, EMI and Apple announced that EMI's entire music catalog will be available free of all digital rights management (DRM) protection on the iTunes store. While the buzz of the announcement has centered on the implications for the music ... industry, there is another facet of this situation worth discussing: Steve Jobs' orchestration of the shift to DRM-free music. (Source: ) In February, Jobs released an open letter on the Apple website criticizing DRM protection systems. Jobs wrote: "Imagine a world where every online store sells DRM-free music encoded in open licensable ... (view more)

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MetaProducts Inquiry Review

Synopsis: What's the ultimate research engine? Answer: MetaProducts Inquiry! If you need a fast and easy way to save and analyze web pages for later offline browsing, then MetaProducts Inquiry is just what the doctor ordered! With MetaProducts ... Inquiry you can collect, organize and view information from the web quickly, easily -- and with little effort. MetaProducts Inquiry comes fully integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as a service toolbar, plus it offers right-click context menus for IE, Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera Browsers. Coupled with an unparalelled ability to grab almost ... (view more)

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Use Outlook Express Store Folder on Network, Mapped, or Removable Storage Device?

Infopackets Reader Ryan L. writes: " Dear Dennis, How do I share the Outlook Express 6 message store over the network? If I load Outlook Express, then click Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Store Folder -> Browse -> [choose a ... network drive], Outlook Express simply *will not* let me choose the network drive I want. The "OK" button is grayed out. I've tried mapping a network drive [drive C on another computer made to operate as Drive Z on my computer], but that won't work, either. Any suggestions? " My response: I've tried doing the same thing in the past, ... (view more)


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