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Synopsis: What's the ultimate research engine? Answer: MetaProducts Inquiry! If you need a fast and easy way to save and analyze web pages for later offline browsing, then MetaProducts Inquiry is just what the doctor ordered! With MetaProducts Inquiry you can collect, organize and view information from the web quickly, easily -- and with little effort. MetaProducts Inquiry comes fully integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as a service toolbar, plus it offers right-click context menus for IE, Mozilla, Netscape, and Opera Browsers. Coupled with an unparalelled ability to grab almost any file from the web, plus its powerful built-in search engine, MetaProducts Inquiry makes Internet research a snap!

MetaProducts Inquiry: Screenshots

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MetaProducts Inquiry: Features Overview

  • Import Favorites/Bookmarks from several browsers
  • Save web pages for later browsing
  • Display a preview of multiple archived pages
  • Each page can be optionally marked with an icon
  • Add new pages to an existing archive with ease
  • Powerful search options with lightening fast speed
  • Export pages to various formats (word, .MHT, .EXE, extract all images)
  • The standalone version of Inquiry contains a full-featured browser
  • Customize options to adjust the program behavior
  • View and change the properties of each page

MetaProducts Inquiry: Features Drilldown

  • Keep important pages forever: Information stored in Inquiry never expires or disappears. Even if the Web site stops responding or the contents change, you will be able to browse the pages just as they were stored originally.
  • Autosave Mode: Save web sites for offline browsing with the help of the AutoSave mode; when it is enabled, all pages you browse will be automatically stored in a special folder in Inquiry!
  • Easy to use: Store entire web pages, selected text and images, Shockwave Flash clips and many others file formats. MetaProducts Inquiry can also import documents from your MSIE Favorites and export them to various formats to share with friends and colleagues. Forget cumbersome open and close dialog boxes. Managing your stored pages is quick and easy!
  • Simple to store: Access Inquiry simply by clicking a button on the MS Internet Explorer toolbar or Inquiry Sidebar. You can also drag-and-drop a selection of a Web page to either save the selection or to store all pages linked to the selection!
  • Fast storing: Inquiry stores pages at lightening speed -- and certainly much faster than the regular Internet Explorer Save As feature.
  • Instant search: Inquiry can instantly search hundreds and thousands of documents in no time flat, and displays search results in a separate tree folder, allowing you to view them later or even save them in a separate folder for future use. It is also easy to organize your stored items as you wish, divide them by theme and purpose, sort in the order you need using drag & drop or using standard ordering methods.
  • Easily share or transform collected data: Using Inquiry you can email stored pages with a couple of clicks. It is easy to convert a page into a convenient format, such as HTML Help file or MHT Archive (to reduce the file size,) Microsoft Word or to a small executable file that includes a compact IE-based browsing application.
  • For both professional and novice users: Inquiry is sophisticated enough to meet the needs of professional researchers, yet simple enough for novice users. Researchers, lawyers, writers, scholars, professors, students or just the casual shopper will all find Inquiry just the tool they need to collect, store and manage any type of Internet information. Inquiry eliminates the concern that information on the Internet today will be gone tomorrow!

MetaProducts Inquiry:

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MetaProducts Inquiry: Compatibility

MetaProducts Inquiry is compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and 2003.

MetaProducts Inquiry: Download

MetaProducts Inquiry is free to try and $29.95 to buy.

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