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Chrome, Firefox Ditch EV SSL Padlock System

Chrome and Firefox will stop indicating when websites have received an "extra level of verification" to prove they are in fact genuine. The move is largely due to the fact that most users aren't aware of the Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) system. ... The Extended Validation SSL (secure socket layer) security certificates go beyond the standard SSL certification scheme, which browsers use to show that data being sent to and from a website is in fact encrypted and secure. This means that communication is encrypted, and that no one can eavesdrop or steal data mid-stream. In other words, ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Send Encrypted Email to Gmail (Postfix, TLS, SSL Certificates)

Infopackets Reader Martin R. writes: " The email newsletter I receive from you is showing in my gmail as "unencrypted," with a red pad lock . There is also a new warning banner that says: 'Be careful with this message. It contains content that's ... typically used to steal personal information.' The options are: learn more, report this suspicious message, ignore, or 'I trust this message.' This is not the only email I get that shows as unencrypted. What does this mean and how can it be fixed? " My response: Essentially it means that the mail you received (at gmail) was not sent using email ... (view more)

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Google Simplifies Web Browser Security Warnings

Google is to tone down security warnings for users of the Chrome browser. It believes the move won't increase user risk and may instead encourage websites to improve security. The change involves the way secure websites appear in the address bar in ... Chrome. At the moment, a website in Chrome will appear with one of four icons to the left of the address to indicate whether or not it is secure: A plain white 'blank page' icon indicates an ordinary http site, meaning there's no encryption of data passing back and forth between the website and the user's computer. A green ... (view more)

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