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Yahoo Mail Again Secure

For those like myself who use Yahoo's online mail service everyday, the recent announcement that a security leak has been rectified is welcome news. A few problems have arisen this summer, including a Javascript flaw featuring the Yammaner worm with ... the ability to attack all versions of Yahoo web-based mail except for the most recent (Summer 2006) version of the program. News of the threat was first reported in mid-June, but the most serious attacks appear to be from threats arising earlier this month. Emerging in Late July, Yahoo mail users were susceptible to an attacker with the potential ... (view more)

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'Taskbar Shuffle', and 'Google Mail Remote Command'

Taskbar Shuffle Re-arrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar. Google Mail Remote Command Send your computer commands through your Gmail account from another computer or a hand phone. Just execute GRC.exe, insert ... Gmail username and password, and click on Sign in. GRC will the await instructions. Each 60 seconds it will check if new instructions have arrived through email. (view more)

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Track emails received by recipient?, Part 2

With respect to our recent discussion on MsgTag and tracking whether or not a recipient has received an email, quite a few Readers emailed me over the weekend with some questions. Infopackets Reader Frank R. had some security concerns about MsgTag. ... He writes: " I was curious about MsgTag, so I went to download it. I was immediately notified that my security settings would not allow that to happen. I use Spyware Blaster and IE-spyad for protection against the 'bad guys', as well as the usual anti-hacker firewall / anti-virus stuff ... so now I'm second guessing the whole MsgTag operation ... (view more)

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Infopackets Server Failure

All is not well in the land of During the last newsletter announcement, the infopackets web server crashed. My laptop was connected to the infopackets server at the time that it happened and I was able to see that server's virtual ... memory (swap file) was almost completely depleted. In techy terms, this situation is referred to as a memory leak. How a Memory Leak causes an Operating System to crash An operating system is reserved a specific set of system memory (RAM) to perform critical system operations. By definition, it is the job of the operating system to ensure that a ... (view more)

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Capture and Send 2003 Review

Screen captures are useful for documenting error messages, showing other people how to perform a specific task, and for proving you really did get the high score. Using the key combination of Alt-Print Screen may work for situations where you want ... to paste your screenshot into Word, but sending screens via e-mail is tedious without a helper application. Capture&Send 2003 is a great application for quickly e-mailing screenshots. What is Capture&Send 2003? Capture&Send is a program designed to make screen captures and e-mail them to other computer users. The program runs in the ... (view more)


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