Capture and Send 2003 Review

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Screen captures are useful for documenting error messages, showing other people how to perform a specific task, and for proving you really did get the high score.

Using the key combination of Alt-Print Screen may work for situations where you want to paste your screenshot into Word, but sending screens via e-mail is tedious without a helper application.

Capture&Send 2003 is a great application for quickly e-mailing screenshots.

What is Capture&Send 2003?

Capture&Send is a program designed to make screen captures and e-mail them to other computer users. The program runs in the background while you use other applications, coming to life with a simple key command.

Capture&Send 2003: Features

  • Screen captures. When Capture&Send is running, it automatically takes a screenshot of the front most window anytime Ctrl+F11 is used, or the entire screen when Ctrl+F12 is typed.
  • Automatic attachment to e-mail messages. Capture&Send automatically attaches screen captures to a message in the default e-mail client. All the user needs to do is insert a recipient in the To field and type a message. I tested Capture&Send with several different e-mail applications as my default; each time it worked flawlessly.
  • Save screen capture as a file. Choose between bitmap or JPEG file formats when saving screenshots to the hard drive.

Using Capture&Send 2003 on my own System

Capture&Send ranks among the easiest applications I've ever used. Launch the application, bring the window you want to screenshot to the top the front of your screen, and then press Ctrl + F11 on the keyboard. The screen is captured and a new mail message launches in the default mail application.

Alternatively, unchecking the option to automatically mail the screenshot makes it easy to choose either saving the screen or mailing. Right-click the screenshot in the Capture&Send program window to choose save file or send.


There are many applications available for making screen captures. Most of them come with tons of features you will probably never use. Capture&Send makes it easy to perform the most common screen capture tasks, without getting bogged down by extra options. For quick screen captures, ready to mail for tech support or fun, Capture&Send 2003 is the fastest solution available.

Capture&Send 2003: Download

Capture&Send 2003 can be downloaded using the link below.

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