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Google to Bring AI to its Search Engine

Google says it is set to integrate new conversational AI features into its search engine. The move comes as advances in artificial intelligence (AI) technology could enhance the capabilities of Google's search engine significantly. Google CEO Sundar ... Pichai has confirmed that users would be able to ask questions to Google and engage with large language models (LLMs) in the context of search. (Source: ) Bringing AI chat to Google Search would make the technology accessible to a wider audience, taking it from the realm of experimental project to everyday tool used to find information. ... (view more)

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Google Search Quality Under Attack

A software engineer has sparked a controversial debate with the claim that "Google Search is dying." Dmitri Brereton says he is talking about the quality and relevance of results rather than the number of people using the tool or the revenue it ... generates for Google. Brereton's claims were sparked by a post showing the number of Google searches for the discussion site Reddit are steadily increasing. He believes this isn't because the site itself is becoming more popular but rather because people are using Google but restricting the results to posts from Reddit to get more useful ... (view more)

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Google Tackles COVID Vaccine Scares with 'Info Panel'

Google is adding specially crafted panels at the top of search results related to COVID vaccines. The panel will give information about specific vaccines available in the searcher's country along with details of rollout programs. The aim is to use ... official and credible sources and counter less reliable information including misleading or unfounded claims about the vaccines. Using the panels could overcome the risk that pages with misleading information either game Google's system or "naturally" find their way to the top of the search results list for a particular user. The first panels are ... (view more)

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Mozilla Overhauls Firefox Security, Performance

Firefox developers say they've now vastly improved the browser, in two ways: First, they've prevented Google search engine users from having their search data exposed to the wrong people. Second, they've found a way to ensure Firefox uses much less ... of a computer's memory. The Google change is available in the newly-released Firefox 14, automatically encrypting all data you send to and from Google during a search. At present, Firefox can do this only with Google. But Firefox developers hope to make similar arrangements with other search engines later on. (Source: ) Google Searches ... (view more)

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Google Issues Malware Warnings

Google has launched a new service designed to warn users that they are infected with a particular type of Windows malware. However, the move has raised concerns that it could make things easier for scammers. Web Pages Redirected Using Malicious ... Proxy Server The service is actually integrated with Google's search results page, and the warning message will only display when a computer appears to be infected. (Source: ) The Google strategy involves a specific form of malicious software that affects Windows computers. When users attempt to visit a webpage, their visit is routed ... (view more)

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