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4 Days Only: Amazon Black Friday Deals: up to 70% Off

Note from Dennis: further down this article you'll find a quick-and-dirty list of items of the best Black Friday deals I've found online. The list is conveniently presented in ascending order according to discount markup. Proceeds help to support ... our website, staff and writers. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated! You can go straight to the discount list by clicking here , or continue reading below. Happy Thanksgiving! -- Thanksgiving is officially upon us, which means there's going to be a ton of great deals being offered online as a result of the Holiday season -- deals like ... (view more)

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Microsoft Offers Cheap PCs, Xbox 360 on Black Friday

Early reports on Black Friday deals being offered by Apple and major U.S. retailer Target emerged a couple days ago. Now, we're learning more about other big Black Friday deals, including Microsoft offers on cheap laptops and gaming devices. ... Microsoft hasn't been a major U.S. retailer for very long, but it's already offering some of the most eye-catching Black Friday deals. The Redmond software giant currently has about 14 retail stores located across the United States, and is hoping to drive foot traffic inside with some serious post-Thanksgiving bargains. Laptop Bargains Cause Most Buzz In ... (view more)

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