Microsoft Offers Cheap PCs, Xbox 360 on Black Friday

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Early reports on Black Friday deals being offered by Apple and major U.S. retailer Target emerged a couple days ago. Now, we're learning more about other big Black Friday deals, including Microsoft offers on cheap laptops and gaming devices.

Microsoft hasn't been a major U.S. retailer for very long, but it's already offering some of the most eye-catching Black Friday deals. The Redmond software giant currently has about 14 retail stores located across the United States, and is hoping to drive foot traffic inside with some serious post-Thanksgiving bargains.

Laptop Bargains Cause Most Buzz

In the laptop area, Microsoft is offering the Sony S137GX notebook computer for just $599, a huge cut from its original price of $999 (note, however, that this is listed as an "online only" deal). Microsoft is also offering a major bargain on the Samsung RC512 laptop, which usually retails for $799 but on Black Friday will be available for just $499. (Source:

The deals don't stop there, however. Microsoft is also cutting the price of the Acer Iconia Dual-Screen Touchbook computer from $999 to $599.

Lots of Deals for the Video Gamer

Many of Microsoft's Black Friday deals target fans of the company's very popular Xbox 360 video game console.

Microsoft is knocking $200 off what it calls the Xbox Ultimate Gaming Bundle, which includes the console and necessary accessories with a game and 90-day Xbox Live membership. It's also slashing $50 off the popular Kinect hands-free gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360; the system usually sells for $150, but on Black Friday will be available for just $100. (Source:

Amazon is also offering the Xbox 360 with Kinect for only $199 - (regular $299).

Microsoft is also reportedly slashing prices on a number of big-name Xbox 360 games, including Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Battlefield 3, and Madden 2012.

Mobile phones will also get a deal in the form of a free Windows Phone with a two-year service agreement (though carrier details aren't yet available).

Finally, those on the lookout for cheap software are being offered the Home and Student version of Microsoft Office for $120, when it usually retails for $150.

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