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Fake LastPass Gets Vetted by App Store

A fake app pretending to be from password manager LastPass not only made it into the Apple App Store but had a five star rating. It's arguably among the worst possible types of bogus app to bypass Apple's usually strict vetting process. LastPass is ... one of the best known password manager tools. It lets users store their passwords in an encrypted vault, accessible only with a master password. The service can also generate secure passwords. The company's name is based on the idea that the master password is the last password the user will ever need to create or remember. The big catch, of course ... (view more)

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Report: Many Apps on Google Store are Fake, Scams

A report suggests that thousands of apps on the Google Play store are in fact counterfeits made to look like the legitimate app, but instead pose a major security risk to users. The study says such apps ask for dangerous levels of access to the ... phone or are packed with advertising. The study is a joint effort of the University of Sydney and Australia's national science research agency CSIRO. It took two years to carry out and involved trawling through 1.2 million apps to look for potential counterfeits. Rather than have humans check each app uploaded to Google Play (which would be entirely ... (view more)

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