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Synopsis: Need a reliable, secure, and equally flexible solution to backup your valuable data? Look no further -- Backup Premium v2.0 is the answer! With its well-designed user interface and flexible built-in scheduler, wide media support, and data integrity testing, Backup Premium v2.0 makes archiving data as pleasant as it is simple!

Backup Premium 2.0: Screenshots

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Backup Premium 2.0: Features Drilldown

  • Wide Support for Backup Medium, including: external and internal hard drives, network drives (including SAN, NAS, and LAN locations), all types of flash memory (including USB flash drives), removable media devices (floppy disks, ZIP disks, JAZZ, optical, etc), and remote FTP servers.
  • Blowfish encryption: Backup Premium uses Blowfish encryption to store backup data secured and to ensure that nobody except you will be able to access your data. Blowfish is a symmetric block cipher that takes a variable-length password key, from 4 to 56 characters in length, making it ideal for both domestic and exportable use.
  • ZIP compression: Using built-in ZIP compression increases backup speed and saves storage disk space. Choosing between two options "Zip each file independently" and "Zip each folder" you can organize backup files structure in the most appropriate way.
  • Incremental Backup: With this backup approach, only new or modified files are added to your session since your last backup. Using Incremental Backup allows you to reduce significantly the time to complete your backup tasks and keep your backed up files up-to-date.
  • Data integrity testing: Backup Premium can test the integrity of backed up data. At the end of each backup session the stored files are checked for possible errors to ensure that the data can be reliably restored afterwards.
  • Email Notification: This is a nifty feature that enables Backup Premium to inform the user about the status of the backup task upon its completion via email. It is possible to choose between two options: to send notifications either for all backup tasks or only for failed ones. Powerful scheduler: With flexible scheduler Backup Premium is able to run unattended backup tasks according to any user-defined schedule including daily, weekly and monthly types of schedule.

Backup Premium 2.0: Compatibility

Backup Premium 2.0 works with Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, and 2003 Server.

Backup Premium 2.0: Download

Backup Premium is free to try and $39.00 to buy.

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