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Yesterday, I announced that our web site will be hosting a special fund raiser. To quickly recap: I will be compiling special reviews (once a week over the summer), featuring really great software at ridiculously cheap prices; a percentage of the proceeds will be used to fund our web site.

Yesterday's Summer Sizzler was "SpeedUpMyPC": an award-winning system optimization program used to monitor and boost your PC's performance when you need it the most (click here to read -- you won't want to miss it!).

Today's newsletter announcement is an email I received this morning, and deals with the same theme as our Summer Sizzlers. The message comes from PC Tools (the software company that makes Registry Mechanic and Spyware Doctor), and it entails some very good news.

" Dear Dennis,

We are excited to announce that Spyware Doctor 3.2 has been awarded the prestigious PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award for the best anti-Spyware software! Compared to other Spyware software reviewed, PC Magazine found Spyware Doctor to be the most effective in both blocking and removing Spyware and keyloggers. From the PC Magazine web site:

" PC Tools' Spyware Doctor 3.2 was a close runner-up in our last anti-Spyware evaluation. This time it seriously hits the mark. Like Spy Sweeper, it detected all of our test Spyware and removed all but a few items. In addition, it removed two of the four commercial Key Loggers we used for testing; none of the other products removed even one. In the real-time blocking test, it either blocked or detected and then quickly removed all but one of the test items, and it also blocked installation of two commercial keyloggers ... [We also found] Spyware Doctor [to be] uncluttered and easy to use. Its results page clearly identifies the threat level for found items, though we do need to see more detailed descriptions. It was the most effective of all the products tested at both blocking and removing spyware and keyloggers, and it's our current Editors' Choice. " (Source:

In celebration, we would like to take this opportunity to offer your Readers a $5 discount coupon ("INFOPACKETSSD") on new orders of Spyware Doctor 3.2, until the end of July 2005. You are welcome to share this special discount with your Readers, family, and friends. Please pass on the word and help others to eradicate nasty Spyware from their PCs using Spyware Doctor [comes complete with one year of updates and support]! "

To claim your special discount, simply enter the coupon code "INFOPACKETSSD" in the coupon box at the top of the checkout page (noted below). Alternatively, you may read a full review of Spyware Doctor 3.2 through our web site.

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