Cannot read DirectCD disc on other computer?

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Infopackets Reader Lynn H. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I read your article on CD Mastering Software. I do not know that much about computers, so I am a bit confused as to what I need.

Here is my problem: I have 2 Hewlett-Packard (HP) computers. The CD-RW drive died on one of them, and was replaced with a DVD Burner, which came bundled with Nero Burning ROM CD Recording Software. The other still uses DirectCD to record CDs. The problem is that discs I create using DirectCD cannot be read in the DVD Burner drive on the other computer.

Is there a program out there that will allow both DirectCD and Nero Burning ROM to talk to each other? And is there a CD program that will work in anyone's computer? I am working on slide shows with music and art on a CD and I can not make it read in any other computer. In fact, anything I copy on one computer, using CDs, will not work on the other. Please help?! "

My response:

Just to clear up something: DirectCD is considered more of a "packet writing" program, more than it is referred to as "CD Recording software" -- although, technically, DirectCD does record CDs.

In short: packet writing software allows you to seamlessly use your CD burner similar to a floppy disk, where you can drag and drop and write files to the disc as you see fit. Although DirectCD is probably one of the most widely-used packet writing software, it is not considered a "standard". As such, you will need to install the DirectCD software on all computers you intend to read any disc created with DirectCD.

CD Mastering software, on the other hand, utilizes standards that are recognized by most CD manufacturers. In short, CD Mastering software gives you more ways to create a CD (example: video CD, boot CD, music CD, data CD, etc); the major difference is that CD Mastering software does not allow you to use your CD / DVD burner similar to the packet writing method. With CD Mastering software, discs are created using a "one shot" approach -- although, it is possible to create a CD using multiple sessions.

Since you plan on using the discs on other systems (and not just the two you own), your best bet is to use CD Mastering software to create your CDs from now on.

I don't know which computer you plan on using to create your CD compilations -- but by the sounds of it, it's the computer with the DirectCD on it. It is possible that the copy of Nero you have will only work with your DVD drive because some copies of Nero will only work for certain brand recorders (it is a special "bundle" deal done with the hardware vendor and the Nero company, Ahead software). In that case, you need to:

  • buy Nero again to use it on both machines ($99 retail). On a side note: don't fall for the $5.00 software scams that are floating around the Internet because they're not legitimate and you will not receive any technical support if something goes wrong.
  • buy Ashampoo CD recording Suite and use it on both machines ($19 through our web site).

And just as a recap: Ashampoo CD Recording Suite has similar features to Nero Burning ROM, but is 100 times easier to use. The complete review on Ashampoo CD Recording Suite can be read online our site:

CD Mastering Software

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