0Spam.com -- the ultimate free anti-spam solution?, Part 2

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Last week, I wrote about a free anti-spam solution called 0Spam.com. Recall --

" I recently stumbled across a web site that offers a free, seamless anti-spam solution: all without the need to install special, third-party software or to configure complex mail filter rules ... The free 0Spam.com service can be used for 1 email account and is compatible with any computer (Linux, Mac, or Windows) ... works with POP3 email, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts ... 0Spam operates silently and works by standing in-between your email server(s) and the Internet, and scans your incoming email for spam, porn and viruses ... what's left is just pure, legitimate email ... " (Source / Full Story: infopackets.com)

A few days after sending out last week's newsletter, I received the following response from Brent Hather over at 0Spam.com:

" We are very humbled by all the feedback your newsletter has generated for 0spam.com ... close to 500 of your readers have signed up for our free service in the first 24 hours after your article was posted ... We would like to extend our appreciation by offering your readers a 20% coupon toward the purchase of a 0Spam.com Express Professional Account, which protects up to 15 email addresses [versus the 1 email address you get with the free 0Spam.com service] and much more [details below] ... we would be very grateful if you would pass this on to your readers, and thank you once again for mentioning 0spam.com in your newsletter. "

I found a summary of details which highlight the features found in a 0Spam.com Express Professional account from the 0Spamexpress.com web site:

" 0Spam.com Express is the all-in-one, next generation anti-spam tool to protect you from the next generation of unsolicited emails. Compatible with all versions of Windows and most email clients, 0Spam.com Express can safely and efficiently remove spam from your existing POP3, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, or IMAP accounts. Integrates easily with your email client and logs all scanned messages allowing you to see which messages were blocked and why. Features include E-mail, domain, keyword, and mailing list whitelists, blacklists, DNS IP blocking, quarantined mail folder, daily reports, real-time updates, message heuristic analysis, and 20 verification message translations... "


All of those features sound a wee bit technical, but, applying 0Spam to your email address really isn't that difficult (refer to the previous article for more detail).

RE: 0Spam.com Express Professional Account coupon offer

From what I understand, the 0Spam.com Express 'Professional' account (retail $24.00) is an upgrade to the regular 0Spam.com Express account (retail $19.85) and is currently being offered as free bonus if you purchase a 0Spam account today. After the discount code "SPAM-2RJA" is applied at checkout, the total price for a 0Spam.com Express Professional account is $15.88. A good deal, indeed.


RE: Whether you decide to use 0Spam.com free or Pro -- read this!

If you decide to sign up for a 0Spam account (regardless of which one you choose), is it critically important that you add infopackets.com to your domain whitelist; otherwise, you will have troubles receiving our newsletter. Details regarding the domain whitelist are covered in the initial 0Spam.com article.

0Spam: The Ultimate Free Anti-Spam Solution


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