A freeware data recovery program: a follow-up

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With regards to the last issue of the Infopackets Gazette which informed our users of a Data Recovery program called Drive Rescue, I wrote a comment:

" If you accidentally delete a file, don't write anything else to your hard drive -- even if you are attempting to install Data Recovery software in the first place! Otherwise, the drive may overwrite the area of the data you're attempting to retrieve, making the rescue operation impossible. "

Denise R. wrote in with a response to the above comment:

" I have Drive Rescue on a floppy for use in recovering files on the C: drive; however, the program must be run from within Windows. In order for this to work from the floppy drive, you must have int13ext.vxd and int2f.vxd on the floppy. These files are included in the downloadable version of Drive Rescue (rescue_disk.zip). Simply extract to a clean floppy. Then you can run the program from there. Again, the caveat is to save recovered files to a disk other than what they are recovered from.

Of course, if there is nothing wrong with your hard drive, you can always install the Drive Rescue onto your system before any corruption occurs and attempt to run it that way. The original file, rescue_disc.zip, is the one to download and extract to the HD itself. When you run it, it creates its own directory on whichever HD you install it on. As I said, I have it on both drives so I don't make a mistake and save recovered files to the wrong HD. "

Thanks very much, Denise! It's good to know we have a forum of users who are willing to help each other out.

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