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Update 2011/06/16: We've managed to finagle yet another amazing deal for our readers! Act now and save a whopping 60% off Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 until June 28, 2011 (regular price $39.99 now only $15.99) -- proceeds support our website. This fabulous program is used to make CD, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs using your PC and is especially GREAT for beginners / intermediate computer users because it's SUPER EASY to use. A full 30 day money back guarantee is offered if you're not completely delighted! The full review of Burning Studio 9 is below. Details and link to discount offer are at the bottom of the page.

Are you confused by the complexities of recording a CD, DVD or Blu-ray?

Do you wish you just could tell the computer what you want to do and have it figure out the rest -- without having to decipher or understand all the techy-talk?

If so, read on -- because Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 may be just what you need!

Introducing: Ashampoo Burning Studio 9

Known for maintaining functionality and without compromising ease-of-use, Ashampoo CD / DVD Burning Studio 9 has changed the way CD / DVD/ Blu-ray recording software works.

Instead of spending frustrating hours learning how to use hundreds of complicated functions, all you need to do is select a task and the program guides you through all the necessary steps. Simply choose the format you want, select your files, and record the disc!

With Ashampoo Burning Studio 9, you can:

  • Make an audio CD or MP3 CD for your car or home stereo.
  • Rip music from existing audio CDs and make your own compilations on 1 or more discs.
  • Record computer (data) backups onto CD / DVD / Blu-ray: spanning multiple discs.
  • Make customized DVD movies with themes that can be played in a DVD player.
  • Make DVD slideshows using still images, with themes and special transition effects.
  • Make Covers and design labels directly to printable discs or your printer.

... Plus much more!

Kudos From The Past: " I have then been using Nero and Roxio for many years. Then I decided to try Burning Studio 6.0 [when it was released 3 years ago] from Ashampoo because of the review I read here and on other web sites. Let me tell you: It's ALL TRUE! Ashampoo CD Burning Studio is *the easiest* program in the world to use and it WORKS GREAT!!! " ~ Infopackets Reader John B.

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 9: New Features

Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is a major update that improves almost every aspect of the program, adding many new features and capabilities. It also introduces LightScribe burner support (from version 9.10) and a new Movie Editor for editing and combining your videos before burning them to DVD.

The Movie Editor has functions for cutting, transitions, fades, subtitles, titles and more, plus a point-and-click DVD menu editor with animated themes for creating great-looking interfaces for your DVD movies.

The new version also packed with improvements, new features and fine tuning that make all Burning Studio's functions more powerful and even easier to use.

NEW: Movie Editor

The biggest new feature of Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is the Movie Editor, which adds powerful video editing and DVD interface building capabilities to the program. Movie Editor has all the features you need to turn your movie clip collection and home videos into impressive finished movies -- all playable on a DVD player.

The new Movie Player interface has also been redesigned with a significantly improved video rendering engine and a modern graphical interface.

Movie Editor: Highlights

  • Drag-and-drop editing for videos, subtitles, and more.
  • Graphical timeline for editing clips, transitions, titles, subtitles and images.
  • Animated DVD menus with ready-to-use DVD themes (and menus).
  • Add titles, subtitles, shaped text, images, backgrounds, logos, and borders to your movie.
  • Fade in / out effects and graphical transitions between clips.
  • Live preview your movies in the editor with transitions.
  • Rotate images directly in the Movie Editor.
  • Set start and end times for clips (play only part of clip).

... Plus much more!

Kudos From The Past: " In the past I've also used Roxio CD Recording and Nero Burning ROM for my CD burning; however, after reading your [review of Ashampoo Burning Suite 4], I discovered that Ashampoo CD Recording Suite is a lot easier to use (and it's also fail proof)! CD Recording Suite is -- by far -- my favorite Ashampoo program. Bottom line: ... Ashampoo [software] works for me! " ~ Infopackets Reader M. Haislip

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Slideshow Editor

The Slideshow Editor makes it a snap to turn your photos into impressive DVD slideshows with animated graphical menus. You can also include video clips in your slideshows. Simply select your photos, videos and background music tracks and burn.

You can produce shows instantly by choosing ready-to-use themes or get creative and design your own. Burning Studio comes with a set of attractive themes and you can download more from the Ashampoo website.

Slideshow Editor: Highlights

  • Ready-to-use themes.
  • Timeline editing with drag & drop and preview.
  • Cross-fade and graphical transitions between images.
  • Rotate images directly in the editor.
  • Add background music for the entire show with multiple tracks.
  • Add titles, subtitles, and shaped text.
  • Add images, logos and graphical shapes with fill, borders etc.
  • Fade-in and fade-out for all objects (images, text, etc.)
  • Thumbnail preview for fades and transitions.

... Plus much more!

Kudos From The Past: " ... simple, straightforward ... it works! Thanks for another great recommendation! [Ashampoo Burning Studio 8] is going in my software Hall of Fame! " ~ Infopackets Reader Sandy C.

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Cover Editor

The Cover Editor has everything you need for labeling your discs and producing cool covers for jewel cases, slim cases, DVD cases and Blu-ray cases.

You can design your own or just enter a title and select one of the pre-designed themes for instant point-and-click results. It also imports track data from your discs automatically. The Cover Editor prints both on a wide range of predefined label formats and directly onto discs on printers that support this function.

Cover Editor: Highlights

  • Attractive new themes with new graphics and layouts.
  • Scan covers directly from original CD covers.
  • Print up to 4 CDs on a single page.
  • Load covers and graphics from files, the Web or the Windows Clipboard.
  • Draw and insert geometrical shapes with borders, fill and transparency.
  • Group elements in the editor to move them together.
  • Rotate objects and groups of objects, or snap rotate in 15, 45 or 90 degree increments.
  • Updated label and printer database with many new formats and printers.

... Plus much more!

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Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 is easy enough for new and intermediate users, yet provides power users the necessary choices for advanced CD / DVD mastering.

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