Don't be Duped: Obama Spam Scam is Nothing But False Promises

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Hackers have launched a new wave of malware attacks against critics of Barack Obama, duping users into a supposed cyber "protest" against the policies of the US President.

Nothing could be further from the truth, however. The message has been cited as a mere ploy to get users to install malware on their machines. (Source:

So why are so many falling for it? Read on.

A Hot Political Issue

Few people can argue that Obama's rise to the Presidency was a historic feat. However, it is often forgotten that while the majority of democratic voters chose Obama, hundreds of thousands did not vote for him.

This is not a political statement: only sheer facts; but now it seems, spammers are attempting to capitalize on this discrepancy.

Obama Spam Trap: Avoid

The dubious email letter offers readers a chance to use their computers to launch a denial-of-service (DoS) attack on the website of President Obama.

The claim is false, however, and is likely a ploy to get users to install software that does harm to their own PCs. Regardless of your political stance, "installing such software is a really bad idea," email security site Proofpoint says. (Source:

The email message goes on to say "If you don't like Obama, come here. You can help to DoS his site with your installs." (Source:

The message also contains a link where interested people are [falsely] offered money to install the alleged denial-of-service (DoS) software. The spam-driven site asks visitors to return frequently to the site so they may receive updated versions of the denial-of-service software. (Source:

DoS Software is Likely Malware

By definition, Denial of Service software is classified as malware. That said, we don't recommend that you install such software as it is likely a ploy for some other form of malware (or Trojan) -- something much worse, which could lead to identity theft.

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