Change File Save Location in MS Word 2007

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Word 2007 by default stores your documents in the My Documents folder in Windows XP. If you are using Microsoft Vista, your documents will be stored in the Documents folder. The programmers most likely set this up in this manner so that you would always know where to find your files.

Believe it or not, I have had users send me an email telling me that they have saved a Word document and have no idea where they have saved it!

But, you may wish to store your documents in a different location, such as an external hard drive. If that is the case, you will have to use the File | Save As to navigate to the folder of your choice and we all know how I hate to waste time and keystrokes!

If you are very organized, as I am, both by nature and out of necessity, there are times when you want to save your documents someplace else, so in that case, you may want to specify another. This will save you time, and you will always be certain that your documents will be stored in the folder that you select.

To change MS Word 2007's default file save location, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Office button.  
  • Select Advanced.  
  • In the General section, click File Locations.  
  • Select Documents in the File types list.  
  • Click Modify.  
  • Use the navigation controls to select the new location for your files.  
  • Click OK on each of the dialog boxes to close them.

Now, when you save a file, MS Word 2007 will automatically open the folder you have specified.

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