Acronis True Image 2009 Review

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Announcing Acronis True Image Home 2010

It's finally here!!!

Acronis True Image Home 2010 takes backup and disaster recovery to an entirely new level of security and reliability.

While file-based backups are great for choosing only a few specific files and folders to protect, Image-based backups have the ability to take snapshot of your ENTIRE computer -- including ALL your programs AND the Operating System.

Acronis makes it as easy as 1-2-3!

Imagine never having to waste time fumbling for old installation CDs, having to reinstall a program OR Windows ever again!

In the event of a hard drive crash or catastrophic operating system failure, you can simply boot from the Acronis Rescue CD and restore your computer back to the way it was when it was working -- lickity split! No other backup program is as robust or complete as True Image.

" It would not be fair for me to say that other imaging programs are no good as I have only ever used Acronis True Image. I have only ever used Acronis because it does everything that I want ... and has yet to fail. Very few programs can be called essential -- True Image is one of them. " ~ Infopackets Reader John B.

Acronis True Image: An Infopackets Favorite for 5 Years

Infopackets Readers know that we regularly promote Acronis True Image in our email newsletters -- and for good reason. Acronis True Image is by far THE BEST and MOST RELIABLE backup system for MS Windows you can buy on the market today -- hands down!

" For me, [True Image] works like a dream -- I now make a full image backup *before* I start making serious changes or alterations to my system [including any recently downloaded programs that may harm the stability of my PC] ... True Image has proven to be a lifebelt on steroids! " ~ Infopackets Reader Ken T.

" I have used Acronis for some time and I wouldn't be without it. I want to be very clear about this -- for me, it has been more than worth every penny I spent on it. " ~ Infopackets Reader Jim X. << CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD / PURCHASE THE LATEST EDITION OF ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE NOW @ $49.99 SAVE 60% Off -- Now only $19.99! >>

Acronis True Image Home 2010: New Features

New User Interface

Inspired by Windows Vista, the new True Image Home 2010 interface adds usability enhancements to make Acronis True Image Home even easier to use! If you know how to use Windows, you'll find navigating through Acronis True Image Home 2010 a snap -- because it looks and acts JUST LIKE Windows!

Smart One-click Protection

Start up Acronis True Image Home after any program installation and True Image will automatically take stock of your computer and storage devices. If you have enough free space, True Image will offer to protect your system right away by backing up your system volume and Master Boot Record to the storage location of your choice. In addition, Acronis True Image Home can refresh these backups regularly. Simply checkmark "Protect" and your system will always be safe from a disaster!

Automatic Archive Consolidation

Now you can set limits on the size of backup archives, the maximum number of backups you want to keep, and the maximum amount of time archives are to be stored. Whenever any of your preset limits are reached, Acronis will automatically combine the first full backup with the oldest incremental backup into one full, new backup -- saving you previous hard drive space! << CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD / PURCHASE THE LATEST EDITION OF ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE NOW @ $49.99 SAVE 60% Off -- Now only $19.99! >>

Search Engine with Backups

Now you can use Google Desktop and Windows Search to search for files in your backup archives. Simply type in the whole name or part of the file name find and restore individual files easily and quickly. File contents can be indexed as well!

Zip Format support for File Level Backups

Now you can archive to the popular zip format -- one of the most popular archiving formats, in addition to Acronis' space-saving .TIB (True Image Backup) files and flat file archives. You can extract zip files from backups created by Acronis True Image Home without firing up the Home product itself.

Try And Decide Enhanced

Create a temporary, safe place on your hard disk where you can perform changes to your system that otherwise might not be advisable, such as installing new software, downloading files from the Internet, or opening email attachments. If the operations are successful, you can apply those changes to the real system or discard the changes as you wish. New with Acronis Home 2010, the temporary space you create is maintained across system shutdowns and restarts!

More Archive Locations

Save full, incremental and differential backups of a data entity (for example, a partition, disk, Email) almost anywhere you like! Previously, all backups belonging to the same data entity could be stored only in the same place. Now you can choose a network share, CD/DVD, Blu-ray, USB stick, FTP-server, or any local internal or external hard drive.

Automatic Backup to a Removable Drive

If you have chosen a removable drive for your backups, but it is not attached when a scheduled backup time is set to occur, Acronis will automatically start the backup to that device as soon as you plug it in. To prevent unauthorized persons from backing up the data to their own devices, the software requires the removable drive to be the same one used for all previous backups.

... Plus Much More!

" I had a problem with my computer of unknown cause ... [which prevented me from using] any programs, Internet, or email. I attempted to use Norton's GoBack, and it failed to remedy the problem. I also tried to use Microsoft's System Restore, and didn't help either. I then used Acronis True Image which I had just installed a week earlier to duplicate my harddrive (just incase something like this would happen). I was able to access True Image in Safe Mode, and restore the backup image to my hard drive with success. It did the complete restore process of 45 GB (including check for errors) in about 2 hours. Earlier trial of TrueSync software took 13 hours for a backup, whereas True Image took only 1 hour. " ~ Infopackets Reader Robert G.

Acronis True Image Home 2010: Download

I could go on and on about how great Acronis True Image is and then convince you that you'd be SIMPLY CRAZY not to own this essential software -- but let me get straight to the facts.

  • No-hassle risk-free full 30 day money-back guarantee: if you are not completely delighted!
  • You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain with this offer!
  • An attractive price: now 60% off of $49.99 USD. This could be possibly the BEST insurance you can buy for your PC!
  • True Image is downloadable [approx. 89MB], and you can make your own bootable rescue disk. If you want buy the CD, it's $11 extra.
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Acronis True Image can be downloaded via the purchase page using the link below:



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