Internet Explorer crashes intermittently on Load?

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Infopackets Reader L. Sullivan writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I've been having lots of problems with constant error messages lately. After reading your article on '.DLL Hell', I downloaded Registry Mechanic as it sounded like the perfect solution. Well, it seems [that Registry Mechanic has] stopped the .DLL error messages, but I still keep getting Internet Explorer error messages that cause it to close down suddenly. Can you help, please?? I am a newbie, so please keep it simple, if you can. Thanks, and PS: I love your site!! "

My Response:

Recall --

From a previous Infopackets Gazette, we discussed that "almost all program use DLL's [Dynamic Link Libraries]. DLL's are common files which are shared amongst other programs and the Windows OS. DLL Hell occurs when an install program updates an existing DLL *without* checking for dependencies (I.E.: other programs that use the same DLL). All of this can cause a major conflict in the Operating System (I.E.: Windows), which may result in crashes, freeze-ups, and Blue Screens of Death." More info on Registry Mechanic here:

Registry Mechanic Review

Getting back to L. Sullivan's question:

Registry Mechanic is in fact an excellent program. I have received quite a few kudos from folks that have downloaded it, tried it, and corrected many errors on their systems. The first thing you should do is run scandisk on your drive and correct any file system errors. A file system error can cause a system to act erroneously.

After scanning your drive for errors, search the system for Spyware and viruses to rule out any malicious code that might be causing your problem. With so many Spyware programs hijacking web Browsers like Internet Explorer, it is plausible that your system has come in contact with a Homepage Hijacker which is triggering a system crash.

I recommend and use Spy Sweeper to stop Spyware because it stops parasite programs from installing onto your system before it has a chance to damage your system. Many users have reported using Spy Sweeper in addition to freeware Spyware killers like Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy (S&D) which kill Spyware after it has infected a machine.

For a freeware virus scanner and firewall, download my report on How to Stop Hackers and Viruses from Malicious Intent. If none of that helps, you should try resetting Internet Explorer. This will reinstall the core components of IE and reset any damaged files. I wrote an article on how to reset IE for all versions of Windows, and it's available here.

Repair Internet Explorer

As a last resort, backup your most critical files and reinstall Windows. I have an eBook and video guide which teaches exactly that.

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