Internet Explorer Address Bar disappeared?, Part 2

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Last week, Douglas M. told me how the Address Bar disappeared from his Internet Explorer:

" I am running Windows 98 (second edition) with IE6 and recently the address bar at the top of the browser screen has disappeared.

When I click View -> Toobars -> Address Bar, I cannot get it to return.

Any suggestions? "

My response:

I forwarded a link from TechTV: the site suggested that the Address Bar may have been inadvertently repositioned and, consequently, hidden. Recall:

" If your address bar has disappeared from Internet Explorer, right-click on a toolbar and make sure there's a checkmark next to the Address Bar option. If there is, and if you still can't see the toolbar, try dragging and dropping other toolbars around [at the top of the Explorer Window]. "

Side Note: The address bar may be shoved to one side. You may need to uncheck 'Lock Toolbars' (View -> ToolBars -> Lock Toolbars) in order to drag any Toolbars at the top of the Window.

I also asked Infopackets Readers to send me their suggestions.

Ken K. from Edmonton, Alberta, told me about a program called WinSize which "prevents a window from inadvertently being pushed off the screen."

Michael N. suggested ways to rearrange Toolbars under Internet Explorer:

" The Address bar may be crowded out by links / other tool-bars, and is off to the far right of the screen. Solution: drag the tool-bar divider(s) to the left until the Address Bar reappears. One other suggestion may be to only view Standard Buttons and the Address Bar. Under IE 6 (and 5.x):

Load Internet Explorer; Click View -> Toolbars [Ensure Lock Toolbars is unchecked]. Next, click View -> Toolbars [Ensure Standard Buttons and Address Bar are the only options checked]. You may also wish to customize buttons and remove some entries to make more room; in this case, Load Internet Explorer and click View -> Toolbars -> Customize. "

And, a user named Terry recommended repairing Internet Explorer if all else fails:

" Your solution to IE6 Address Bar missing is correct and nor or more the toolbar is pushed extreme left or right, hidden, or whatever IE6 will do to make your daily life challenging.

If this will not correct problem the easiest next solution is using repair tool in Add & Remove Programs in Control Panel: Start -> (Settings) -> Control Panel; Add & Remove Programs; Highlight Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 & Tools; Click Add/Remove Button; An application with 3 options opens: checkmark Repair Explorer.

In the past, I lost '100% search capability' on IE6: the search button on toolbar would open left pane blank. I used IE6 repair and all is fine! "

Thanks to all who wrote in!

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