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The previous 2 Feature Articles were about an alternative approach to Internet Explorer's time-saving AutoComplete function.

Recall --

When enabled, the AutoComplete feature remembers (and completes) frequently used form data on web pages, such as user logins and passwords. Unfortunately, AutoComplete does not offer a method for exporting / backing up its form data which has been collected over time.

This is very problematic for anyone who may need to format / reinstall Windows, or for users who use Disk Imaging software (like myself) to restore a previously working copy of Windows.

I asked Infopackets Readers to send me their alternative suggestions for the AutoComplete feature. Many users recommended a freeware program called RoboForm.

What is RoboForm?

In short, RoboForm is a web Browser "plugin" replacement for Internet Explorer's AutoComplete feature. Some features of the free version include:

  • Save password info from login form
  • Auto fill password info to login form
  • Automatic login to online accounts
  • Fill long online forms from Identities
  • Save 'offline passwords' to Safenotes
  • Generate Secure Random Passwords
  • Password encryption (safe for online banking)
  • Intelligent: RoboForm 'guesses' proper form input
  • Friendly user interface: stays out of your way

The free version does have some limits: it will store no more than 3 identities 30 passwords, but is generally suitable for most home PC users.

RoboForm works on all versions of Windows as an add-on to the following browsers: IE4-6, AOL5-8, MSN-8, NN7, and Mozilla.

Since the last article, Andrew Finkle of RoboForm Support emailed me to let me know of the new 5.2.0 release. He had this to say:

" Dennis, Thank you for spending the time and effort to write us up in your newsletter! If you have had an opportunity to use the program yourself first hand yet, you might see some of the paths we are traveling down.

Though we have not finished the complete implementation yet, you might note that with our use of 'Passcards' (Think of a Passcard like an Internet Explorer Favorite/bookmark on steroids) there is an initial foray into the 'Bookmarks' market (look for future versions to support folders, etc).

Also in the latest version (5.2.0), you will find the product going mobile. Anyone can email any of their RoboForm passcards natively from within the AI RoboForm product, and a secondary layer of encryption can be added to ensure that the data stays secure while traveling through cyberspace.

Another "mobile" initiative launched in 5.2.0 is native support for removable media. Simply store AI RoboForm (or only the passcards if preferred) on one of the newly popular USB Keys/Tokens, and your passwords,encrypted identity info., and anything else you wish to store in AI RoboForm travels with you! Just plug the USB Key into the drive of any computer, and it's all right there with you.

Lastly, there is a feature in AI RoboForm we refer to as 'Safenotes'. This was originally intended as a safe repository for one's 'off-line' information such as bank accounts, lock combinations, social security numbers, etc. I now have over 100 SafeNotes personally, and I use it as a CRM tool.

Anytime someone sends an email asking for support, I am able to quickly click on my choice of Safenotes, and the full text contained within is immediately in my windows clipboard, easily sent as a 'reply-to' email.

There is a lot of exciting new things being added to the Pro version that I simply can not discuss in greater detail yet, but hopefully users enjoy all these extra goodies as quickly as we are able to add them.

Best regards, Andrew Finkle VP Business Development Siber Systems "

And, Jeanette M. sent me this note:

" Hi, Dennis! Love your newsletter! Keep up the good work. I also use and enjoy RoboForm. One thing I didn't see mentioned in the replies you showed, is a feature I believe is a neat benefit offered by [the Siber Systems web] site. After [updating RoboForm], you are automatically sent to [Siber Systems web site] where you can test your new version to see if it is working properly. A good idea! Sincerely, Jeanette M. (a happy RoboForm user)! "

Since the last newsletter, over 1100 people have downloaded RoboForm from the Infopackets web site. I have personally been using RoboForm (Pro Version) for the last few days and find it an invaluable time-saving tool.

The latest version of RoboForm can be downloaded here:

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