Nakivo Backup for Microsoft Office 365 Review

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Infopackets Reader Paula M. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I own a small business that has 15 employees. We process upwards of 100 emails a day, many of which contain important contracts and attachments. We use MS Outlook 365 as our email client and OneDrive to share attachments between employees and devices (such as smartphones). The emails and documents are critical and I need a way to backup both Microsoft Outlook 365 emails and OneDrive files locally in case our workstations are compromised. Do you know of an Office 365 backup program that can backup Outlook as well as OneDrive? Much thanks! "

My response:

There are a few third-party products on the market that can make backups of Outlook 365 and OneDrive. After a bit of research into this, it looks like Nakivo Backup for Microsoft Office 365 does exactly what you're asking to do.

Nakivo Backup for Microsoft Office 365: Features

  • intuitive web user interface simplifies administration for entire office
  • backup Outlook 365 / Exchange Online mailboxes and OneDrive for Business user accounts
  • protect data and eliminate risk of application and data loss
  • built in search tool scans backed up data, then you can restore what you need
  • restore emails, attachments, files and folders back to the original or custom locations
  • perform incremental backups: saves space and time on backups

Nakivo Backup for Microsoft Office 365: Explained

I've paraphrased some of the most of the important features from their website:

Nakivo Backup and Replication provides scalability for a rapidly growing infrastructure. With Backup for Microsoft Office 365, you can protect thousands of Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business users with a single deployment of the software. The software is scalable which means that the interface will remain the same as infrastructure grows. Backup for Microsoft Office 365 is licensed per user and can be combined with any edition and license type, meaning that you only pay for what you need.

The intuitive web user interface simplifies backup and recovery jobs; easily manage backups and restorations without spending time training your IT staff. To start backing up Exchange Online and OneDrive for Business data, add the Microsoft Office 365 account to the inventory, create a Backup Repository and run a job to start the backup process. You can also easily run granular recoveries of the items you need.

There are three major advantages to storing your data locally vs the cloud in terms of backups. First, on-premise backups are easily accessible and readily available which can reduces recovery time of data. Secondly, hard drive storage required for the backups is a one-time fee (such as an external hard drive), instead of having to pay monthly fees for cloud storage. Thirdly, by storing backups on-site, you can stay compliant with industry-specific regulations that stipulate where personal data must be stored.

Pricing and Support

The cost is based on a per-user basis at $0.75 per user per month on a three (3) year contact. That equates to $27 for each employee per year. This type of setup allows for flexibility and scalability. Included is 24/7 support and maintenance via phone, chat and email.

Trial Download

You can download Backup for Microsoft Office 365 from Nakivo's website here:

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