How to Fix: Make Windows 10 Stop Flashing on Sound

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Infopackets Reader Steve T. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

I am using a Windows 10 PC. This past weekend, my grandchild made some changes to my PC and now every time there is sound, the screen flashes. I have searched and searched how to fix this but I am cannot seem to find a solution. Can you tell me how I can make windows 10 stop flashing on sound? "

My response:

I have not heard of this issue before but suspected it may have something to do with the "Ease of Access" mechanism which has been built into Windows as far back as Windows XP. According to Microsoft, Ease of Access "helps make your PC easier to use," and is more or less geared toward users with visual or hearing impairments.

Some features of Ease of Access include: magnifying parts of the screen, the ability to read the screen using the "Narrator" feature, provide an onscreen keyboard, use high contrast themes in Windows, or in this case - flash the screen every time there is a Windows notification.

How to Fix: Make Windows 10 Stop Flashing on Sound

After a bit of research I came across an article that explains how to prevent Windows 10 from flashing the screen every time there is a sound.

Here are the steps:

1. Click Start, then click the cogwheel (PC Settings) icon.

2. The "Settings" window will appear; click the "Ease of Access" icon.

3. A new screen will appear. On the left of the screen, click the option for "Other options".

4. Under the heading "Visual Notifications for sound" use the pull down menu and select "None".

5. Close the Settings window.

That should fix it.

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