Biden Signs Exec Order to Overhaul Gov't Sites

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US President Joe Biden has ordered the federal government to modernize its online services. It aims to remove a "time tax" on citizens navigating inefficient services.

It comes in an executive order, which doesn't require legislation passed by Congress. The order says the US government is responsible for "designing and delivering services with a focus on the actual experience of the people whom it is meant to serve." (Source:

The main requirement of the order is to overcome the current problem of limited interoperability between different government sites, which often require separate login details and submitting the same information multiple times.

More Data Sharing

The order uses the metaphor of doors to describe the way the public interacts with government services. It wants the website to become a "Federal Front Door" that lets users access all government services from one place.

However, it also calls for a "no wrong door" approach that means customers who start with one federal online service can move on to another service without having to resubmit data or records. (Source:

Changes to achieve this include increasing the amount of data shared between government services. The order also calls on officials to extend the existing tool (designed to act as a single sign-in) to cover the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

Airport Security Reviewed

Biden also says he wants citizens to be able to update their postal address with all government agencies through a single form rather than have to change details with each agency individually.

The order also calls for specific changes to particular agencies. For example, people getting medical treatment through workers compensation should get easier access to telemedicine where appropriate.

The Department of Homeland Security is ordered to test new technology to cut wait times at security checkpoints. And the Social Security Administration must look for cases where requiring physical documents or in-person attendance can safely be replaced with digital identity checks.

What's Your Opinion?

What's your experience with online government services? Are you frustrated by having to provide the same data to multiple agencies? Will the executive order make much difference?

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I am sure that they are going to get help from their tech friends who are already experts at collecting and sharing data from their users. Big brother is getting bigger. It will be easier to monitor you if all of the data is sharable.

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I don't believe the present administration wants to help most of us. Read the rest of the story the link takes you to: "Government must also work to deliver services more equitably and effectively, *especially for those who have been historically underserved*." How much is *this* gonna cost by the way? Only time will tell.

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Is this the New World Order or just something to ease people's travails?
It all depends on humans.
If only all those psychologically underequipped (low empathy, high narcissis, etc) could be removed from industry and government. Scarily, that could only be possible under NWO-like conditions.
We are a problematic species.