Next Major Windows Update on the Way

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The next major Windows 10 update is only a few weeks away and will be officially named the "October 2018 Update."

The update is a new series of twice-yearly updates, which replaces the old system of small monthly updates, followed by a completely new version of Windows every few years. Security fixes remain on a monthly schedule, except for emergency patches.

The October 2018 Update follows on from the April 2018 Update, both in contrast to last years Fall Creators Update and Creators Update that told you something about Microsoft's focus with new features.

Small Set of New Features

This time round the rumor mill is somewhat uninspiring with mostly new features that will be very useful to some users, but likely not used by most.

Rumored to be included is a "dark mode" that changes the coloring of windows in File Explorer - something designed to be kinder to the eyes for people working at night or in darker rooms.

There will also be a "cloud" upgrade to the clipboard features used for cutting and pasting, which makes it easier to copy small pieces of text and images from one Windows device to another rather than, for example, sending it as an email or attachment.

For gamers, there will be a change to the display that will overlay details of processor and memory use (which can affect game performance) without the need to switch away from the game window to open up Task Manager or similar tools.

Edge browser is also said to include performance and usability improvements. (Source:

'Sets' Feature a No-Show

It's possible that Microsoft has a few rabbits in its hat for the update, but that seems unlikely as it's reportedly already working on features for the following major update due next Spring.

The most notable absence from the October 2018 Update is a planned feature called "Sets," which allows users to bring together windows from multiple applications into a single tabbed interface, similar to the way most web browsers work. (Source:

What's Your Opinion?

Are you bothered by the apparent lack of changes in the October update? Should Microsoft simply add new features as soon as they are ready rather than stick to a fixed timetable? Do you expect many major changes in Windows 10 in the future?

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Most of us learn enough to do our jobs or use our PC. In most cases new features are ignored and they just use resources. Most versions of Windows were "enhanced" to the point that the PC would slow down to the point that it is necessary to buy a PC with more resources.

I would like the option to turn off features that I do not need so that they do not use memory and processor resources that I do not want.

I would also like for new features to be turned off by default and that they be described in enough detail to allow me to decide if I want to use them.

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My experience since Win10 rolled out.

Yes it's new and slightly different, more stable in the engine room, perhaps.
Added functionality, well more Apps to clog my computer (Most have been removed by me)

3 updates ago broke my PC so I can only run in Test mode, gave up trying to find the cause as it is about the latest breaking Windows not vice versa. Update Windows, then broken.

At this stage, I've not seen any super duper updates that I must have.
I look at my PC as a tool not a super machine that must have all the bells and whistles.
I'm sure that I'm not targeted by Microsoft for that reason.

If they didn't update anything, I'd not notice any difference or miss anything.


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So far, I am not impressed with Windows 10. I agree that it would be great if I could disable "features" that I don't use, such as XBox or Cortana. Cortana actually got worse with the latest update - at least the previous version I could actually search my hard drive. With the latest update, it won't search my local hard drive and still insists on the default as being Bing. Windows XP was a much better operating system than any Windows version that followed. So I am looking into some version of Linux.

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I have removed Windows Apps with Iobit Unistaller free version. I'm sure that there are others that will do it too.
Just need to be aware that each update can add these back in, which can be painful.
Think I have disabled Cortana via the Status bar properties.

I too looked into Linux for my desktop PC, but I found the change and the install procedure using Sudo bash command lines a backward step. Since I been on DOS/Windows since 1980 it's very hard to change my spots.
Saying that I do run Puppy Linux on an old laptop so my wife can watch DVDs and connect to the net when we are on holidays. Pentium 4 with 1Gb ram and 20gb hard drive (this is not typo). LOL

Also run Pupserver 4.35 on an old PC as my NAS. It's on an CD and I run it from there. It is self configured, so no need to do anything other than add hard drives to the box and switch it on. All preshared drives and partitions. Great simple software.