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GPS Tool to Warn of Local Crash Risks

A Google-owned map tool will now warn drivers about known accident hotspots. But the information might not be all that useful for now. The new feature is in Waze, a GPS navigation tool that began in 2006, with Google buying it out in 2013. It's ... original selling point was that it combined data from multiple users to spot where they were driving slower than expected, indicating congestion. It then adjusted its recommendations for the quickest routes. Although Google owns Waze, it still operates as a separate service. That lets Google use it as a smaller scale test ground for features that might ... (view more)

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Updated Google Maps Helps You Avoid Traffic Jams

There's nothing more frustrating than ending a long work day by waiting two hours for a traffic jam to clear up. That's why Google has announced plans to update the Google Maps mobile application to provide real-time updates for its users, thereby ... helping them avoid troublesome traffic areas. Google made the announcement on Tuesday, August 20, 2013. The update will give mobile Google Maps users real-time alerts about fender benders, new construction projects, and other potential traffic issues. Real-World Drivers Provide Traffic Updates Providing the data required for the service will be Waze ... (view more)

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