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USB-C to Carry 240W, to Eliminate Brick Chargers

The end of brick-like chargers that only fit one laptop is a step closer. The first USB cables that can carry up to 240 watts of power are now in production. For many years, one of the biggest drawbacks of laptops was the charger. In most cases they ... were considerably thicker than the laptop itself. They were also usually specific to the device (both in the plug/socket size and in the specific amount of power delivered). That meant somebody who lost or broke their charger would often face delay and expense before they could charge their device again. Things got a little better with the ... (view more)

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Microsoft Becomes Exclusive Ad Provider for The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft has struck another blow in its advertising war with rivals Yahoo and Google. On Tuesday, the Redmond-based company announced it was becoming the exclusive third-party provider of contextual and paid search advertising for The Wall Street ... Journal's network of sites. (Source: microsoft.com ) The Wall Street Journal Online, Barrons.com, MarketWatch.com, AllThingsD.com and others will now become part of Microsoft's ever-expanding network; the agreement is expected to bring 20 million unique visitors per month in traffic to the ad platform. "The Wall Street Journal Digital Network is one ... (view more)

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'Wall Cooler', and 'Let Me Type'

Wall Cooler WallCooler is a secure and powerful VPN solution, allowing access to office computers from anywhere, home computers from the office, access remote LANs and local networks at the same time (no need to switch), no server or specific ... hardware required, remote computers or servers are accessible by name (DNS/NetBIOS) or IP address. http://www.vedivi.com/ Let Me Type Like Microsoft AutoComplete, LetMeType helps you enter text, but regardless of the program you use. Running in the background, it analyses what you type. After you have typed the first two or three letters it has collected ... (view more)

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'Vistart', and 'Wall Agent'

Vistart The Vista Start Menu for your Windows XP with unlimited customization. http://www.lee-soft.com/home/ Wall Agent WallAgent is a Wallpaper Changer which alters your desktop wallpaper automatically like a slideshow (desktop changer). Users can ... select wallpapers from either a remote server or his/her own computer locally. If you don't like managing things by yourself, then you can select auto mode, which means that WallAgent will select a category and download at random quality wallpapers for your desktop. http://www.wallpaper-exchange.com/ (view more)

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'Yodm 3d', and 'Wall Cooler'

Yodm 3d We love this one - Virtual desktop manager puts each desktop on a different side of a 3D cube. http://chsalmon.club.fr/index.php?en/Home Wall Cooler WallCooler is a personal VPN. Small & powerful, it gives users the ability to access ... office LANs from anywhere. Fans will also enjoy remote access to home computers, with no configuration necessary. http://www.vedivi.com/ (view more)

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