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Twitter Truth Seekers to Label 'Misleading' Posts

Twitter is asking volunteers to add notes explaining why posts are misleading. It calls it a "community-driven approach to help address misleading information on Twitter." The company appears to believe that using volunteers will make it easier to ... address quickly-spreading misinformation rather than rely on paid staff. It says the project, dubbed Birdwatch, won't involve labeling posts as "true" or "false". It also won't involving hiding or removing any posts as already happens after staff review reports of users breaching the site's guidelines. Volunteers Will Reach Consensus Birdwatch will ... (view more)

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A volunteer is someone who performs or offers to perform a service out of his or her own free will, often without payment. Every 5th of December is International Volunteer Day. People may volunteer to perform some work, e.g., of charitable ... character. Some volunteer for clinical trials or other medical research, and may even donate their bodies to science after their death. Online Volunteer An online volunteer is a person who contributes time and effort with an organization through an online connection, rather than in person. A wide variety of people from around the world are online volunteers ... (view more)

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