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Windows Movie Maker Wont Finalize Project?

Infopackets Reader Ernest A. writes: " Dear Dennis, I am very far from computer support, and could really use your help! For the last two weeks, I have been fiddling with Windows Movie Maker in an attempt to create a brief over view of my two ... back-to-back tours of duty in Iraq. The sequence includes photographs (stills) and some short movie clips that I took with my digital camera and some voice-overs with background music. Today, I completed the project had Windows Movie Maker render a low-quality sample as a 'trial run'. That went without a hitch, so I decided to render a higher- ... (view more)

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Video Edit Magic v4 Review

Synopsis: If you think all professional video editing software is expensive, think again! Video Edit Magic is a Windows video editing application that gives you high-end power at a very affordable entry-level price. Simple enough for Newbies, yet ... powerful enough for Advanced Users, Video Edit Magic's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to capture video footage onto the editing timeline and assemble a movie in mere minutes! Video Edit Magic v4: Full Range of Features Add professional scene transitions, some background music, a couple of title effects, and get ready to show the world your ... (view more)

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Video Edit Magic Review

Editing home movies with a PC is possibly one of the greatest achievements of modern computing. Over the years, families across the globe have collected untold hours of video footage. Until digital editing became affordable, an easy way to share ... those movies didn't exist. Only a few years ago, the software and hardware required for video editing cost thousands of dollars, which didn't include additional costs for training. Prices for entry level video editing apps are now well under $100, but product quality varies greatly. One of the best and most affordable video editing apps for beginners ... (view more)

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