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'USB Flash Drives Control 4.0', and 'CoffeeZip 4.8'

USB Flash Drives Control 4.0 This program gives helps to give you more control over the USB flash drives attached to your computer. It boasts several useful features, including read mode, write mode, and execute mode, all of which help you control ... how a USB flash drive interacts with your system. CoffeeZip 4.8 This small and simple utility allows you to quickly and easily compress your favorite files. It features support for 64-bit versions of Windows, multi-core compression, integration with Windows Shell, and is free for home and office use. (view more)

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Researchers: Avoid Using USB Flash Drives

A new report suggests that most USB flash drives (also known as thumb drives) have a critical security weakness that allows them to be reconfigured, giving hackers an opportunity to silently infect targeted computer systems with malware . The report ... comes from Germany's Security Research Labs, which says that most companies making USB flash drives fail to protect the firmware installed on their devices. That means attackers could easily hack and replace the firmware with a malicious version of the firmware, which is then capable of delivering a payload onto a victim's PC - usually with ... (view more)

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USB Flash Drive Won't Appear Under My Computer?

Infopackets Reader Fasika writes: " Dear Dennis, My USB flash drive was working for months -- flawlessly, but has recently encountered a problem. It starts 'misbehaving' after I try to use with my new computer, but it works fine with my old ... computer, and both computers are using the same operating system. Problem: when I plug the USB flash drive into the new computer, the 'new hardware found' message box appears notifying me that my new hardware is installed and ready to use. But when I go to My Computer to check for the flash drive icon, it isn't there. What would you advise me to do in ... (view more)

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