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Leaked Screenshots Suggest Major Overhaul to Gmail

It appears that Google is getting ready to introduce a whole new user interface (UI) for its Gmail cloud-based email service. Leaked screenshots suggest the overhaul is substantial, meaning current Gmail users could face a significant challenge ... adjusting to the changes. If the screenshots are in fact legitimate, Google is hoping to meld its desktop version of Gmail closer to the mobile version, which is accessible through tablets and smartphones. In that way, it's similar to Microsoft's use of the touch-friendly interface that made its way onto desktop PCs when Windows 8 was released ... (view more)

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Windows Blue: Microsoft May Resurrect Start Button

According to a new report, Microsoft may be considering reviving the Windows Start Button with the release of Windows Blue , its next major update for the Windows 8 operating system (OS). The report comes to us from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, a ... prominent industry insider with sources at Microsoft. Foley says she's learned that Microsoft may bring back not just the Start Button -- a landmark navigation tool found in virtually every single previous Windows operating system -- but also the ability to boot straight to the desktop. (Source: pcworld.com ) If true, this would mean a major overhaul of ... (view more)

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Windows 8: Permanently Disable Tiled Start Screen

Here's another question from a long-term Infopackets.com reader: "Hello to the crew at Infopackets, I'm new to Windows 8 and I really miss the old Windows 7 user interface. Is there any way to make it so that every time I log into Windows 8, I see ... the traditional UI? Thanks a million for all the news and information, Maggie D." My response: Maggie, you're one of many people to complain about Windows 8's radically different user interface (UI), and to wonder if you can set things up so you never see it again. Fortunately, you can. Windows 7 Explorer for Windows 8 If you're determined to ... (view more)

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