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How to Fix: Upgrade Win10 VM to 11 (MBR to GPT, VMware)

Infopackets Reader Calli P. writes: " Dear Dennis, We own a heating and cooling business and have a server that uses a Windows 10 virtual machine on VMware workstation. The virtual machine runs a program called ESC Connections Server that allows us ... to book appointments (among other things) from our workstations and also remotely on our phones. The ESC Server and virtual machine are both mission critical. That said, I understand that Windows 10 will only be supported until October, 2025 and would like to upgrade it to Windows 11. The problem is that our virtual machine was built using the MBR ... (view more)

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How to Fix: Windows Cannot be Installed: the Selected Disk is GPT / MBR

Infopackets Reader Sarah H. writes: " Dear Dennis, A few days ago, my PC got stuck updating Windows 10 (for over 30 minutes), so I pulled the power cord out. After that, Windows wouldn't boot to the desktop. It would give me blue screen of death ... (BSOD), then reboot, then BSOD, ad infinitum. I knew it was stuck in a reboot loop, so I decided to install Windows 10 again. During the Windows 10 setup, it asks me to select where to install Windows. I selected the C drive, but I get an error message that says: ' Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition ... (view more)

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Windows 8: How to Use Linux on a Windows 8 PC

Here's a question of increasing importance that recently came to us from a loyal reader in California: "Dear Infopackets, I really appreciate the helpful Windows 8 tips I've been getting from you. But there's one issue I am struggling with: Linux, ... and specifically installing it on my Windows 8 computer. I haven't been able to get Linux to install properly, and I really don't know why. One of my techie friends told me it has to do with a new Secure Boot feature in Windows 8. Is this true? I am really frustrated by this and would appreciate your telling me how to by-pass the problem, if ... (view more)

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