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Translate Emails, Docs in Foreign Languages

The Internet and its impact on globalization has changed the way we communicate around the world. Boundaries have become virtually limitless and large distances are instantly accessible. These changes let us get acquainted with other people and ... languages: but how do we communicate with people in foreign countries? Here are some tools and tricks to help overcome language barriers. Gmail Translator Among many widgets, Gmail provides a translator letting you translate emails written in a foreign language to any other language. To activate it follow this procedure: 1. Login to your Gmail. 2. In ... (view more)

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My Personal Translator Review

Synopsis: Need to translate a web page or document in a jiffy? No problem! My Personal Translator translates between 14 language pairs, and works with word documents, web sites, and standard text files. For document files, it's as easy as 1-2-3: ... simply open a document, click the 'Translate!' button, and you're done! And for web pages, it's even easier: specify the web link, and My Personal Translator will translate the webpage for you! Once translated, you do not have to keep clicking on the translate button for every web page you navigate. It's not only convenient, it's smart! My Personal ... (view more)

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