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New Trojan Downloader Covers Tracks, Hard to Detect

Security researchers have discovered a new type of Trojan downloader capable of covering its tracks by deleting the files it downloads. That makes it harder for security experts to find and remove the downloader. The downloader, which is called ... Win32 / Nemim.gen!A, shows how malware writers are producing progressively more sophisticated tools. By deleting all of the files it downloads and uses, this Trojan makes it almost impossible to recover, isolate, and analyze component files. Sophisticated Malware Difficult to Confront According to Microsoft Malware Protection Center researcher Jonathan ... (view more)

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Acoustica Spin It Again Review

Synopsis: Got any 'oldies but goodies' stored away on records and tapes? Wish you could port those precious memories over to a more robust medium, like CD or iPod (MP3 player)? With Acoustica Spin It Again -- you can! Dust off your old 33's and ... 45's, because Spin It Again can rip through your old vinyl records and cassettes and convert them to CD or MP3 format in no time flat! Not only can Spin It Again split an entire album recording into individual tracks automatically, but it can also clean the sound by getting rid of click and pop record noise, and by removing the hiss and hum off old ... (view more)

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ImTOO CD Ripper Review

Synopsis: Have you ever wanted to take all your favorites songs from various CDs and then re-record them onto your very own "greatest hits" disc? With ImTOO CD Ripper, you can! ImTOO CD Ripper allows you to copy (or "rip") entire music CDs / ... selected tracks to your computer; then, using your favorite CD burning program, you can re-record them onto 1 disc. ImTOO CD Ripper is suitable for both veterans and beginners; it's user friendly interface allows you to complete CD ripping with only a few minutes! ImTOO CD Ripper: it's also an Audio Converter The main function of ImTOO CD Ripper is ... (view more)

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