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Apple Privacy Boost Hurts Facebook Revenues

A change giving Apple users more control over their data has cost four major tech companies nearly $10 billion in lost ad revenue according to one estimate. But the drop is nowhere near as big as Facebook had warned. The change, which took effect in ... April, affects a tag called Identifier for Advertisers that links to a specific iPhone. It lets advertisers combine data from multiple sources and build up a picture of the device owner's interests, helping them better target advertising. Individual apps must now ask for permission (via an on-screen prompt) to access the tag, giving users greater ... (view more)

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'WMP Tag Plus 2.2', and 'SearchMyFiles 2.46'

WMP Tag Plus 2.2 This handy little tool is a Windows Media Player (WMP) utility that allows you to quickly and easily read and write tags for unique audio formats like FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and WavPack, Monkey's Audio, Musepack, and MPEG-4. ... http://bmproductions.fixnum.org/ SearchMyFiles 2.46 Looking for an alternative to Windows' "Search For Files and Folders" tool? NirSoft's SearchMyFiles allows you to quickly search for files stored on your system by using a wide range of unique filters, including last modified time, last created time, file attributes, file content, and file size. ... (view more)

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File Audio Processor Review

Synopsis: Don't let the name fool you -- File Audio Processor is an award winning, extremely powerful all-in-one multimedia solution that does just about anything and everything related to multimedia file management, editing and viewing. Now that's ... a mouthful! In addition to its powerful audio processing capabilities, File Audio Processor can view video, pictures, rename files, edit MP3 tags, grab audio from CDs, write CDs and DVDs, convert audio files, edit and record audio files, manage playlists, zip files, and much, much more! There's so many convenient features of File Audio Processor, ... (view more)

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