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Supercomputer May Unlock Secrets of The Brain

A supercomputer that can process data in the same way and at the same speed as a human will be operational next year. It's a claim that's far more impressive than it might sound. Unlike most supercomputers, DeepSouth's main purpose is to help ... scientists understand more about how the brain operates as a "low power device". While even the most basic computers can carry out calculations extremely quickly (and far faster than a human), they can't operate in the same way. In simple terms, that's because a single computer processor can only do one thing at a time. A brain uses a network of neurons ... (view more)

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IBM Supercomputer 'Watson' Turns Hand To Cooking

The super computer that won Jeopardy! is now turning its hand to cooking. IBM's Watson has come up with some unlikely recipes including a strawberry curry. IBM originally developed the supercomputer specifically to compete on the game show called ... Jeopardy! . It was considered a major challenge for a computer as Jeopardy! doesn't simply require players to know facts, but to decipher clues. While normal game shows have a question with a single answer, winning Jeopardy! means finding the most likely of all possible questions that could relate to the supplied answer. Watson proved up to ... (view more)

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IBM to build World's Fastest Computer by 2012

It seems as if IBM will retain its reputation as manufacturers of the most efficient supercomputers in the world. The multinational corporation revealed plans for an entirely new supercomputer concept that would shatter current speed-to-task ... records. If all goes according to plan, 2012 would be the year in which the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California boots up an IBM BlueGene machine capable of reaching 20 petaflops of performance. What can 20 petaflops of performance do? The system itself (called the Sequoia) will be able to handle a quadrillion mathematical ... (view more)

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